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Tubeless Rims And Tyres
Ok the wheels are in there last legs and with my birthday and pay day being on the same day im looking at spending some money out on tubeless, i dont want to go any higher then £230ish for wheels AND TYRES

After pulling out the old tube with no more then 22 patches its kicked me up the jacksy to look into tubeless on the new wheels, the way i (and BMJBOY has discussed) see is that for this price im looking at something along the lines of :

XT Hubs With Mavic 819 UST Rims = £180 + Price Of UST tyres ?
XT Hubs With Mavic 717 = £147 + Price Of No Tubes Kit And Normal Tyres

Obviously i would love to be running some pro 2's but in reality riding behind Impished and Treehugger i do find the noise slightly irritating and the price is mind blowingly high for UST rims with them !

So are the XT hubs with 819's the way to go ?

Now onto the tyre side ... due to a part time wage i cant afford to have 1000 tyres hanging around (no one mentioned in particular Tongue) so would be looking at a set of tyres that will be alright in the dry and alright in the wet ... any recomendations ? how much am i looking at for UST tyres ?

Slightly off the subject but i feel i should explain ... The new bike idea is seeming more and more out ... ive got to realize im on a low part time salary and spending £1000 on an entry level full sus is just going to be silly ... maybe later on in life eh, would love to stick with the HT atm as im really loving it maybe a slightly lighter frame further down the road ( or singletrack ? Tongue)

cheers in advance guys  ... please leave any sarcastic comments out though lets try and make some resources for everyone
have you considered the superstarcomponent hubs?  they are "cheap" and get good reviews.  personally i'd wait save some more £ and get some DT 240s hubs

tyre wise i personally run panaracer rampages UST and find them really versatile, they can be a little sketchy cornering on the wet stuff, but they are a good compromise if you're only looking at running one set of tyres, panaracer also do the XC Pro in UST too
I know where your coming from. I came to the same conclusion when trying to save for a new bike. Was even more frustrating for me as i could have afforded it 6 months ago but my hours were cut back, so less money. A very sensible decision to wait, especially being a part timer.

Personally i would definitely get a hub with cartridge bearings, for the same reasons i said the last time you asked. Nick and Ben both have XT's and both have had   to tighten the cones several times already, and the races will eventually wear out beyond repair, whereas my pro 11's will last forever. I listed a load in the old thread which were quite a bit cheaper than pro 11's IIRC.

819's+UST tires will work out cheaper than non UST and Stans kit. If you are changing them purely to go tubeless then i feel it is a no brainer.
My xt hubs run really well although cones on the rear have come loose to a severe degree twice within around 150miles.  

As you want to "upgrade" try not to skimp on somethig which you know will cause you to constantly keep correcting. Not being an expert myself, I will like to personally change hubs to a service free model.

As for tubeless I'm now a fan, you can run normal tyres and obviously ust tyres on a ust rim.

Do your research and please do post your findings on here as there is some great minds and advice to steer you along.
I wouldnt buy XT due to the cones but they came with my bike so not much choice....also you cant just swap the front to accept a 20mm axle either, needs a whole new hub, get Hope and others and its simple, just swap the ends. Hopes are loud but there are other far better options than XT
ok i originally wanted to got through merlin for then wheels but looking around ive found some other options so far ive found :

Shimano XT On 819 - £180
Halo Spin Doctors On 819 - £190

obviously the spin doctors are the more favourable as they are sealed aswell as having the adaptors avaliable for 20mm etc, what are peoples views on them ?

Seems UST is the best way to go seeing as the wheels are new buys ! Any idea on how much F+R UST tyres around 2.2 width are ?
Youdont necessarily need ust tyres as the only difference believe is simply a stronger sidewall.  Budget around £50 for a pair of tyres.
Are they sealed? I have a Halo Freedom Disc on the back of the Inbred and the freewheel needs regreasing on that everynow and then especially through winter. I didnt touch my Pro II's in 2.5 years of owning.....

As for your tyre comment, there are hundreds of tyres! UST normally cost more and weigh tons more as well but have stiffer sidewalls, go look on CRC, probably talking £20-25 each for generic maxxis, kenda etc
i assumed you needed UST tyres ..., so all i need is a normal set of tyres and some sealant ? all the UST part of the rim does is remove the need for a rim strip etc ?
A ust rim is simply designed to be airtight therefore easy to mount a tyre and seal.

No rim strips are needed as the rim is designed not to need anything inside.

All you need is sealant and any tyre. Infact, if you get ust rims you "could" run without sealant but you will not have an puncture protection as it's the fluid inside which stops leaks.

The tyre world is your oyster, but for now, get your rim and hub choice right.

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