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Chrome OS
Innovation vs user apathy.

My money is on user apathy.
It could work as it has Google behind it. *nix has never really taken off as its small companies etc that no ones heard of, everyone knows who Google are as afterall, you dont search for something, you "google it".  There are lots of incompetent PC users like my parents for example who only surf, download photos, use Skype. They dont need windows for that. It would be far simpler for me and them if they had a basic setup which gave them those features, a bit like the custom linux installs on those little netbooks but they normally have the odd issue and dont have Google behind them.

People also expect to get Windows as thats what they know but as again with my Parents, it wouldnt make any difference to them
I thought it wouldve been more productive to have all the apps online like they do now - that way all you need is a dumb terminal connected to the net and the world of google as your fingertips with no big hardware/software failures and issues....

Surely the future of OS is going be online based?
Perhaps but not for me personally. I cannot tolerate slow software/input/etc and find google docs for example 100% unsuable. For my parents that would work however not things such as photos as uploading  files that are a few megs each via adsl doesnt work unless its so you can host then eventually. Still need local storage
"BMJBOY" Wrote:Surely the future of OS is going be online based?

All down to the infrastructure though.  For this to go widespread, the net connections need to be faster, more reliable and they need to cover everyone everywhere.

My take on it is that we're overloading these networks and handing a lot of power to the telecoms providers.  
Don't start me on BT else I will have to go the rant thread but too busy eating with left hand inbetween scratching itchy sunburnt from sundays ride, head

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