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Do my 36 Vanilla's need servicing?
As you know i bought them second hand, i beleve they are around 14 months old and haven't been serviced yet. When i compress the forks they only extend themselves to 155mm, thus when i lift the front wheel off the ground they then spring back to max travel. They feel perfectly alright when riding though, hence i am not overly worried about it for now, but dose it sound like they are in need of a service to you guy's. Could the seals be causing some sticktion. I have the right spring in and it even dose it with max pre-load Undecided
Arent you meant to service them after a stupidly short amount of time ? over a year sounds like they are due a good couple according to fox Big Grin
Yeah thats true. I forgot that someone told me the old 32's are supposed to have new seals after every 8 hours riding time or something stupid like that. Anyone know where i can find a service manual or blow up diagrams. I sure as hell aren't sending them off to Mojo every time at £90 a pop!
That better not include my ones which were feeling funny the other day! All the documents are on their website, go to forks then up top right you can change year, find your forks then theres a link to tech data
so what happens if you are out on a ride and your 8th hour is up  Undecided another thing to add to your kit andy Wink

probally one of the reasons why if i ever get enough sodding money for the new bike ... it will be RS
Firstly I dont believe the 8 hour comment and secondly having had lots of rock shox and fox forks I would take the fox any day
"Recommended" service intervals are similar with all forks Steve.

Andy - i read somewhere that Fox are hard to service yourself as you need tools that are not commercially available.  Not sure how true that is tho
The regular service interval for the Fox is something like every 15 hours or so. This however is not the type of service that will come into peoples minds. Its simply undoing the nuts on the bottom of the lower leg, tapping the bolt heads & the lowers come straight off. Take out the foam ring, clean, re-lub & put it all back together. Drop in 5ml of fork oil into the bolt hole at the bottom, put the nuts back on & thats it all done. There's no loose oil in Fox forks so no draining down or messiness like that. The recommended time to do this is between 10 to 15mins from start to finish..

+1 for the Breezer comment. Fox over RS anyday.

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