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Guy's can you recommend me some shorts. I want a basic short, possibly 3/4 length, with padded liner. Does not need to be waterproof just comfy and breatheable. Budget about £40-50

I have a pair of these, very comfortable with removable inner. The shorts are pretty smart and I wear them all the time. I brought them last year and thay have lasted really well. Not sure where I brought them from but found them on this link.
Endura shorts are very good.  Always good to try before you buy though
I've had some enduras for years now, the key is (IMO) to look for shorts with a removable lining because the outer shorts will last forever, but if the chamois goes a bit flat you want to be able to replace that without the expense of buying a whole new pair of shorts.

Thats unless you're a fasion concious type that has to have the latest style that is...
I have two of these

The shorts are good but the liner's are almost too tight to go over my fat thighs and not wide enough for my fat arse so I dont use them. To top it off I wear 36" jeans with overhang but I had to get these in XXL which is 42-44 and they are just about right so size up if you go for them. The shorts themselves are very nice with lots of pockets etc
+1 for Endura.

I have the Humvee 3/4 Shorts with liner - and both are great. Not cheap, but will last you a few years of abuse, so a worthy investment.  They are quite long IMHO, and not too good for summer riding.

(but I got mine SH from ebay as the seller quit biking)

Agree with Breezer on the inners - the leg hole is tight and gripping and may be uncomfortable on epic rides - I too have fat thighs.

Always choose a short with removable inner for several reasons:

Weekends away mean you can wear the same out shorts but fresh inners

Muddy/Dirty rides means you can whip off the outer shorts and be reasonably clean if getting in the car etc.

Padding will flatten/wear with age, all you need is new inner shorts which are always way cheaper than the outer.

My summer shorts a Fox shorts which are well vented with removable inner, and BY FAR the best inner shorts I own.
I too have endura shorts i have the MT500 both in the baggy version and lycra version, even when you fall over at blean and rip the arse out if them they still work extreemly well.

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