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Brighton Big Dog 6 Hour Enduro Aug 15
I'm very much up for doing this one....   there is a big after race party afterwards with any profits going behind the bar....   sounds like a job one to me....

Once you have clicked gthe link you'll need to refresh the page to bring it up.

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Its a 6 hour job so thinking about having a go solo....
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
I quite like the idea of the Pre 95 class and also the £6 turn up and do 1 lap with free tea and cake thing hmm

HMM I could do two laps, one on the Breezer, one on the Zesty, that would be amusing and/or fatal, best do the rigid rim brake lap second Big Grin
Just had a look at the site and it looks very interesting.  Saw the helmetcam footage of some of the course, looks nice.  Anyone ridden there ?  Anyone know how big a "lap" of this course is going to be, doesnt seem to indicate that anywhere that I could see.

I might be interested in roping a mate in for a "pair" on this...
LOL only just seen the video on the front page with the dog at the start  Big Grin

I expect they will be 30 min ish laps give or take.

I am definately going there with the Breezer so I can slobber over fellow retro steeds. Will see about taking the Zesty, may not bother as then one bike has to be left in the car which is asking for trouble plus I could always time myself somewhere else if I really wanted a comparison. The big hills should be no issue on the Breezer as its nearly 5 pounds lighter than my pork fest of a Zesty  Big Grin

It has bar ends too, hope barendboy isnt reading this Tongue
Spurred on by this I just spent the last 2 nights changing/rebuilding the Breezer then just went out on it around the woods I found recently, dry, buff singletrack but full of roots.

I am used to the Zesty, modern, 140mm, disc brakes.....the Breezer is rigid, flex stem with half an inch of "shock absorbtion", rim brakes, 23" bars, 120mm stem, arse in the air due to the geometry, 44/34 and 11-32 gearing (granny remove) so slightly different!!

Had an absolute blast though! Once you get over the shock of basically having your chin on the front wheel as its so low, you can still cain it around. I couldnt believe that even through the woods over the roots it was fine, so light it kinda pings off them instead of crashing into them, it also makes you think about what line you are taking instead of cheating and just riding through things and letting the suspension get you out of trouble. The head angle is mega steep but it changed direction far better than the Zesty, just couldnt stop it heh.

I couldnt ride it for any serious distance as its too painful but I am looking forward to a lap at this event. It flies uphill despite high gears as its so light.

1992? 2009? who cares when your bike was made as long as its fun!

Disclaimer: I still hate hardtails as they suck you in with a bit of suspension up front then maim your bum, rigid or fs only!! lol

PS: Just had someone wanting to buy it on the retro forum!
just got the ok off the boss if anyone is up to doing it as a pair.
I'll have a chat with my now experienced Pit Bitch, see what she says.

There is NO camping on the site - so you will need to make arrangements for staying elsewhere.

Will let you know.
I'd love to do this but i'm supposed to have some mates coming down.  I might try to rearrange...

If i ride it i'll ride solo
Asked work today if i could have some holiday for this and was literally told to sod off Big Grin so im out
As it stands, I maybe making an appearance, but not riding (im working on it) we may pop down for some support, bitching etc.

After the 24/12 the other half is now quite a keen MTB follower, she enjoyed it, so in either capacity, I "should" be there.

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