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Twentyfour12 : Entire First Lap Video
Just to keep things tidy - Helmet Cam footage from Andy's first lap.
(Theres no sound on this video)

[media width=500][/media]
Brings back memories. what camera did he use?
"Deadpool2e" Wrote:Brings back memories. what camera did he use?

Its my helmet cam - its a Tachyon XC

The sound on it is foobarred, but sending back to USA costs a bomb, most vids are short enough to lay some music over, but there arnt many 1hr songs I could find!  Tongue
Nice one Ben, gives me nightmares watching it! The first lap wasnt as congested as i thought it might be.
I've just watched the first 20ish minutes on FB and I notice there are several occasions where it speeds up.. Only for a few seconds. But what's really annoying me is Andy seems to have telepathy powers!
1 minute he's at the top of the 1st road climb, then onto the open grassy section, upon nearing the top, he finds himself back down near the bottom!
And then on the singletrack going through the airsoft arena, he goes through it, and then does it again! Magic!

Could just be my comp though, bloody piece of shite! Undecided
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o
I find Adobe Premiere often does that as well as putting in all sorts of rubbish artifacts when I use to encode to xvid/etc. Only way round is it to export to raw avi then use Virtualdub to compress which always works with no issues despite using the same codec and settings as in Premiere!!! Noticed this when doing my chase cam test video as it looked like I had majically turned into some DH god a few times when it went warp speed suddenly!
Must be Vimeo - I do notice it going at something like 1.5 speed if you start playing with the controls.

Original 500mb WMV plays fine on my PC.

Vid was joined in Windows Movie maker as the Tachyon records in 45min chunks (hence the hairpin missing after the long straight DH)

Its just for those to see the lap again, and see where the first lap took everyone (as most of us didnt know)
Just to update you all - to get some more hits and views, Ive condensed it into under 10mins for YouTube and added some rad tracks for all you funsters and ravers out there.....

[media width=500][/media]

Go Sketchy!

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