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Why me?
From "Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"

Anaphylaxis is an acute systemic (multi-system) and severe type I hypersensitivity allergic reaction in humans and other mammals. The term comes from the Greek words ανα ana (against) and �†��λαξι�‚ phylaxis (protection).[1] Minute amounts of allergens may cause a life-threatening anaphylactic reaction. Anaphylaxis may occur after ingestion, skin contact, injection of an allergen or, in some cases, inhalation.[2]

Anaphylactic shock, the most severe type of anaphylaxis, occurs when an allergic response triggers a quick release of large quantities of immunological mediators (histamines, prostaglandins and leukotrienes) from mast cells, leading to systemic vasodilation (associated with a sudden drop in blood pressure) and edema of bronchial mucosa (resulting in bronchoconstriction and difficulty breathing). Anaphylactic shock can lead to death in a matter of minutes if left untreated.

Due in part to the variety of definitions, an estimated 1.24% to 16.8% of the population of the United States is considered "at risk" for having an anaphylactic reaction if they are exposed to one or more allergens, especially penicillin and insect stings. Most of these people successfully avoid their allergens and will never experience anaphylaxis. Of those people who actually experience anaphylaxis, up to 1% may die as a result.[3] Anaphylaxis results in approximately 1,500 deaths per year in the U.S.[4] (one out of every 1,600 of the 2.4 million deaths from all causes each year in the U.S.;[5]). The most common presentation includes sudden cardiovascular collapse (88% of reported cases of severe anaphylaxis).

Researchers typically distinguish between "true anaphylaxis" and "pseudo-anaphylaxis" or an "anaphylactoid reaction." The symptoms, treatment, and risk of death are identical, but "true" anaphylaxis is always caused directly by degranulation of mast cells or basophils that is mediated by immunoglobulin E (IgE), and pseudo-anaphylaxis occurs due to all other causes.[6] The distinction is primarily made by those studying mechanisms of allergic reactions.

At first my head felt funny, but I thought I was dehydrated, but after my lips swelled up and my neck too I knew I was in trouble. Obviously, due to being a beekeeper I know what Anaphylactic shock is, and some of the symptoms, but having never had a reaction I was abit slow (to say the least) on the uptake in this situation.
Breathing became quite a problem, staying calm was the bigger issue as the last thing I wanted was to bring on an Asthma attack.
Was taken to the local chemist who pointed us in the direction of the docs, who'm kept me waiting for a good 10-15 minutes before seeing me. Seconds after walking in the docs room I was rushed into another room, layed down and pretty much stripped. Within minutes I was injected with Adrenaline and about 5-10 minutes later an ambulance arrived.
Beside feeling like a right useless muppet being wrapped up and carted out in a wheelchair I was quite excited I was going to get my first trip in an ambulance, and the Defribulators they carry look like fun, but anyway.. Technically that doctor saved my life, to which I am thankfull for.
On route to Maidstone hospital the Paramedic was saying that docs don't normally have things like Adrenaline in stock, so I was very lucky indeed, as not only did it relieve the symptoms, but due to the nature of my reaction, by the time the Ambulance would of reached me, and the doc had done nothing, he was almost certain I would of been dead, choked to death.

As strange as it sounds, I'm really not phased by it, but maybe it just hasn't hit home yet just how bloody lucky I am.

But what get's me the most is the irony, of all the people who could become allergic, I, a beekeeper, happens to be one of them!

I'm yet to see the specialist to find out the extent of my newfound (and only) allergy, so it could be a case of 1 or 2 stings are fine, any more will cause problems, or a more severe case of the next sting I get will see me waking up in A&E on a lifesupport machine.
One thing is for sure though, I will be carrying an Epi-Pen for the rest of my life.

And no, I don't plan on quitting, irrespective of the nature of my allergy.

Oh and to avoid any obvious comments.. Yes I was wearing a suit, but you can still get stung through them, my only mistake was not wearing wellies, as I got plastered on my ankles, I now have 1 twice the size to prove it!
Oh and maybe a small hole in my top..

And just for those Masochists out there.. I had hundreds of stings on my trousers, but not many of them penetrated, though I was pretty numb after a while. My ankles and lower legs were stung to buggery, as was my shoulder blade, under my ear and on my neck aswell as both knee caps, dead centre. And here's the bit that'll make you cringe: I suffered a sting to both my sausage and meatballs, again.
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o
How many stings did you have?

If you had a lot, then I doubt many people would not react in the same way.

How often do you get stung "normally"?

[Sensible Hat] You do need to consider that if one sting "could" ruin or end your life, then you seriously need to consider your hobby for the future [/sensible hat]

If that happened to me, then I would be considering giving it up, as next time you might not be so lucky or fortunate to have got the service from the medics you did.
That post is very confusing but it seems you had a reaction to something and were very lucky to have the adreneline so glad to hear that at least!

Surely there is better stuff you can wear to avoid being stung? Can they sting through thick rubber? Im thinking no although I guess theres a line between how protected you are and being able to actually move and function whilst wearing the protection.
Sounds like Jon suffered a serious amount of stings - so my assumption would be that no "normal" person would be safe from such an attack due to such high quantities of "sting" entering their blood/nervous system.

Im sure Jon could fill us on what's in a bee sting.

1 or 2 stings Im sure is fine for a "normal" human being as their body can combat it accordingly, but 50-100+(?) - thats overload and bound to send the body into some kind of shock.

Get a cat or a dog, far less lethal  Tongue
Ben, I lost count at 11 stings, but I definately had more, probably alot more, like I said, I was abit numb and it also depends on if they're "full" or "half" stings, ie if they penetrate your clothes/you fully = how much you feel/how much poison is injected. Normally I get stung a good 10 times per week and I've had over 30 in just one day, no problem at all, though 16 on one hand did make it increase in size quite significantly. The doc said it could be due to the 'amount' of stings, but there is no guarantee, as 1 could cause exactly the same problem/reaction.

As far as my knowledge spans (for now) I understand that as soon as I am in trouble, the quicker I inject adrenaline the sooner I technically save my own life, and that it's almost a sure fire way of getting out of trouble. Would still need to be checked out though. I'm not making any decision with regards to giving it up untill seeing the specialist, though as said above, and me being a stubborn bastard, I've pretty much made up my mind.

Breezer, I had a reaction to Bee stings. There is a thicker suit I can wear yes, but it's almost a few hundred pounds out of my price range! Plus it's hot enough inside the suits as it is!
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o
Can't put a price on your own it, it may end up being a waste of money as the Bee's never get you but you could say the same about a bike helmet or the roll cage in my car, you want them to have been a waste at the end of the day.

My mums allergic to Bee's and even 1 sting is bad enough for her, presumably suffers in a similar way to how you did today. I forget the last time a bee (maybe never?) or a wasp stung me(10+ years?) but dont miss them! Bad enough with sodding mosquito's!

A friends dad was driving bare foot many years ago when a wasp came in the car and by some sheer fluke onto his brake pedal, he went to brake, got stung, removed foot from brake pedal, inserted car into stationary object heh
"Papa Smurf" Wrote:Breezer, I had a reaction to Bee stings. There is a thicker suit I can wear yes, but it's almost a few hundred pounds out of my price range! Plus it's hot enough inside the suits as it is!

A few hundred quid, or risk your life again?.

You could now be an "at risk" person due to that reaction, seriously Jon, dont take chances - see what the specialist says but you need to think seriously if its all "worth it" in relation to your future health.
Next time jon...


Glad you're ok tho
Keep it foolish...
Jesus, that was lucky, if it had happened last week we would have been a man down on the Titan Team.. phew !!   Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Seriously now.. My "Father in Law" was a Bee keeper & HAD to give up for this very reason... yep he carries one of the technical "save your life" pens all the time now
Lucky boy Jon, glad you're ok and absoplutely loving your attitude/reaction to it... no point paninking, getting scared and giving things up, just take more precautions, stay covered, stay calm... and you get to carry the remedy just in case. Sounds like just the qty of stings was the cause - that can be avoided in future.

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