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Today I have ridden Glentress. I rode from the hub car park along the path to the Buzzards Nest car park. This climb was nice, not hard at all but a good warm up for the legs and lungs. They have been putting a lot of new log rides in there which are finished yet, there must 6 or 7 of them, seems over kill but i'm sure they'll be fun once open. Once I got the Buzzard carpark (where i would parked if i'd of known about it!) I firest rode round the skills area and green route just to have a look at it and just to warm me up on the few small jumps etc it has.

I then went into the freeride park and had a good walk round. I started on the Essentials and rode it twice, clearing all the jumps and drops. I liked the north shore stuff at the top the best. The roll is was good as you could keep the speed and bunnyhop it to the flat.
I then went onto the other two runs, The Unamed and The Physlo (i think ive got them correct) I rode these about 5/6 times each, walking back to the top each time. However it seems everyone else was just riding the sections they wanted to and walking back to their own start point. This of course caused a problem when I came over a blind roll over, my right of way so to speak, to nearly land on a young kid who had dropped in of the blind rollover to do just the three table tops at the bottom of this section. Not good!!

I couldn't also believe my eyes when I saw kids of about 4 years old on halford bikes, attempting the hardest sections of the freeride area. Admittedly they were just rolling everything but I think they should have some sort of age limit. I nearly hit one on a table top as they had stopped on the top of it. After this I decided it was too busy and dangerous there so i decided to clear off and do the red route.

I found this red route so much more fun than the Ae Line from Friday. The climbs from the freeride area was just fire road but the first singletrack section was good fun, rooty and a few drops on it. The climbs that followed this were excellent, so much fun to ride. I made it all the way to the top of the Spooky Wood climb without stopping once. It was hard going but i felt good riding it. There was then more fire road and a short section of st until you got the the top of the Spooky Wood decsent. I wish I had stopped at the top of this and took a rest but i didnt know waht was coming. There were lots of other who had stopped by i just rode past. This decent is ace, the jumps, drops, rock and berm all flow fantastically!! i had to stop half way down to drop the saddle so i could pump the jumps and bumps better. This then put me onto a section that was fairly short but i was being chased by a bloke on a Koan stinky so it got a bit hairy for as i was pushing hard.

Then more fire road which took me to the top of The Matrix i think, all down hill here back to the hub, a bit of north shore stuff in here and some wicked jumps and drops here. I loved it. I was a bit surprised on how much it was 'man made' it was. I expect it to be more natural, but it was still ace. Talking to some blokes back at the hub it seems that i missed some proper north shore stuff out which im keen to try.

So 2mw im going to go back and do the full black route (and maybe the red again!) Trouble is it 2hr from this hotel but F*@k it, its worth it.

I didnt get many pictures from today as i jst didnt have time to stop and take them the trail flowed so well that it keeps you going till the end.

Glad you enjoyed it, i loved every second Smile  Did you do the ladder drops in the FR park?

You will absolutely love the black route! There's some really good technical sections which we sessioned loads including a spiral log staircase and a rock garden at the start of the bit before The Bitch (forgotten what it's called. Britny Spears and The Bitch are my favorite. I am so jealous of you right now!!
Yeah I did the ladder drops. All of them. To be honest the freeride park was a bit disappointing. All of it was easily doable for me. The only thing that I didn't do was the wall ride as it was closed, now that is big and I would of thought hard about giving it a go!!

I am looking forward to the black 2mw. I might try squeeze in a quick visit to Iner.....whererever and see if there dh run is good!
"mashley" Wrote:Yeah I did the ladder drops. All of them. To be honest the freeride park was a bit disappointing. All of it was easily doable for me. The only thing that I didn't do was the wall ride as it was closed, now that is big and I would of thought hard about giving it a go!!

I am looking forward to the black 2mw. I might try squeeze in a quick visit to Iner.....whererever and see if there dh run is good!
Lol i chickened all but the smallest ladder drops but was up the top of the wall ride on my second go! I think i am just scared of heights :Smile
I rode Glentress Black route today and loved every bit of it.

I started at the Hub again and rode up to the Buzzards car park then onto the black route. From where the black starts just past the freeride area was the mother of all clmbs! It took me 1hr 9 mins, no stop to get to the sumit before Britney. The Goat Track, Tower Ride and Kipps Loop were so much fun to climb. I'm well pleased i made it to the top without stopping or dabbing once!! I had a good rest at the view point at the top though.

Going down on Britney was fun  Wink but i wish it was longer, as soon as you've done that it another climb up to the tv tower. From here its a bit boring until you get to the boundry trail, I really enjoyed this, it was fast rocky and had some fun jumps. I even passed a very fit woman fell runner here and was almost tempting to stop and talk to her but i kept going. The next dh section was Deliverance!

I dont think my bones have ever shook so much it so rocky and so much fun i just had to let go of the brakes and hold on. The redemtion climb is a bastard but I cleared it only dabbing once to let a faster rider past. Half way up Redemption just after you cross the fire road its joined by the black run short cut. Two blokes come of that section and follwed me up the last stretch of Redemption. Now when i got to the top i was f*@cked to say the least. This bloke turns to me and says "everyone raves about how hard that climb is, but i found it easy" I waa fuming, the fat lazy bastool only done half of it!! So i gave my pleasantries and moved on!!

The next section was the Ewok village but its all be taken down so it was just quick run through the pines to get to Double X and the Bitch. Both these were wicked decent and my confidence is high on the bike right now so i hit them as fast and as hard as i could. So section where hairy but i got through ok.

From here it joins the same red route i rode yesterday so i calmy rolled down to the bottom. On the very last section I switched from the red/black route onto the final section of the blue and had so much fun, it wasnt hard as the suface was virtually smooth concrete but the jumps all had black options and they were big and fast, the air i was getting was awsome. Im sure a lot of better riders would miss this section but it is such a fast jumpy, drop of finally just as good fun as the red/black finish.

The complete loop took me 3hr 5 mins  including stops.

All in all ive had a wicked weekends riding. Ive taught myself to keep relaxed on the flat sections and pump and roll where I can and get in the right gear for the climbs and most importantly, keep the speed up on the techy climbs as it makes it so easy!!

I cant wait to get back to bbh now as i know there aint a climb there i cant do!!

See you soon guys!!

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