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Ive almost been convince to switch all my business emails to IMAP - as that means they are accessible in realtime everywhere and not just on the PC I download my POP emails on.

Any fellow geek got any comments about IMAP and POP?....

One thing I notice is that IMAP has proved quite slow im comparison to simply downloading emails off a server.
Yes it will be slow as everytime you contact your mail server it has to do a sync check instead of just downloading new emails. It has to send back info on mails you have read etc.

Imap normally only works well if you are running your own server locally. I guess you could use it with your ISP one but do they actually offer a full Imap facility and not the just the ability to store mails? They may also have a limit of how many you are allowed to keep on their server plus of course theres the slowness you mention which will be even worse on the itrendy but no harm in trying it as it has a benefit for someone like you who is out and about (although seemingly never as always on here lol) and needs to keep track of business stuff
Currently though, Im using POP which is just fine and fast, and I dont have a laptop somewhere else etc where I may need to log on as Im not "on the road".

As it currently works, on the "iTrendy" as you call it, its simply set as POP but with "Leave message on server" option enabled - so the message remains on the server until the main PC downloads it - which Im happy with.

Given my test setup was SO slow in comparison, I think Im going to leave it be.

I set it all up through GMAIL which pools in all pop accounts and can delivery via IMAP with a 7.5gb storage space! - nice.

I dont think I need it though.

If it was instant, then Id probably go for it, but took ages to sync up etc on Outlook 2003 here.

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