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Elbow Pads
Lots of threads mentioning knee pads on here and the internet. Not a great amount on elbows?

Anyone use anyhting cheap and cheerful. I thought there would be something to match the 661 kyle strait knee pads....
Ive got 661 elbow/forearm pads - they were less than £20 on CRC I recall, no idea of the name/model...

But heres me with my eyes shut at Afan with them on, and my lovely Kyle Strait Knee pads.......

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Less than 1 minute ago" />   
Edit - I found my elbow pads:

and I bought them on Ebay for £18 brand new.

The sock thingamee as the elbow is great, as my mates who had elbow guards with straps moaned about pinching/chaffing - and that was just their thongs.  :o

They are 661 Race Elbow Guards 2007 - the 2009 model is about £30 now.
I have elbow pads from my unicycle hockey days, bit big though as they dont go tight enough
I would like to say thanks for the links, you guys are better than google. I wasn't being lazy, I just annoyed have having every link I click on being blocked by work. DOH!!
No worries - thats why everyones on here..... Nothing is better than recommendation on long term testing/ownership.

Cant say what they're like in a crash as I never fell off on that weekend  Wink

The Knee pads have taken a hammering on the last Afan trip though.
Have you hit a rock or tree hard with them as im curious to know what they are like but not curious enough to try it delibrately!! My race face's are solid and ive knee'd a tree before which left a big dent in it but I was fine.

This reminds me that I need new gloves. My fingerless ones are getting holes in and ive lost my uncomfortable full finger ones but I tried on gloves in about 6 bike shops in Brighton and none fitted! Might be some at that race on saturday hmm
Ive not hit a thing with them on (Ive hit plenty of things without them!)

I can confirm the plastic is ROCK SOLID and very thick and durable - you cant bend them.

Unlike the knee cap in the kyle straits I add!  Undecided
I use a years old set of Danisse for DH in the Alps and aset of years old Lizard skins for other stuff... the Lizard Skins are very comfy...  

The fact is that the stuff around at the moment is not that appealing due to a lack of comfort.....    blooding annoying as i'd like to wear something all the time, just like my knee pads
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
I'm very happy with my 661's. Can't remember what they are called but they are the storrm trooper style ones. Very comfortable and not too hot, i wore them most of the time in Glentress where it was 25degC most days and i forgot i had them on.

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