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suck it & see...
I was soooo impressed with the boys all having fancy camel type backpacks with drinking tubes at 24/12 that I went out & got myself a girly one....very neat black with red & the lining is RED POLKA DOTS  ;D  bang on trend!
Anyway the problem is that I can't get it to work....filled it with water - check, set out on ride - check, try to get a drink, suck like a demon ......  :'(...

nearly passed out
remained very thirsty  >Sad
have lips like a trombone player  :Smile

Is there some school girl error I'm making?   Undecided
Is there a secret on/off switch  Undecided
or is it just my technique???   on second thoughs, maybe don't answer that one!  ??)
The bit you bite on has a valve in it either push pull or twist the mouth piece
What make is it?
Are you definately biting while sucking? :B
Taken the protective plastic cover off the mouth piece  :Smile
oh lol
If I didnt know any better, Id give you my phonenumber and make a fonzy thumbs up action.....


As Im not doing that....

Yeh, you need to bite the valve (going from proper camelbak experience) and its always best to bleed all the air out before you set off  - pinch the bitevalve and ensure no air is in the pipeline.

Im not a great fan of camelbak drinking (I have 2 though) but when they work, theyre great.

If you really get to like it, I suggest a lock off switch as "seepage" can occur with use.......

This thread is now riddled with potential double entrendres.... Im treading very carefully as no doubt I'll slip a big one in!........

If its not the camelbak and the push pull method (oh er!) used by hydrapak etc then you need to pull the mouth piece (should be a bit of hard plastic to pull on) then you can suck all the drink you like outa there ! (:o)
Make sure you havnt crimped/folded the tube up inside the camelbak when putting it in. Ive done that before and no matter how much I sucked, I couldnt get any juice out.
If you have no luck and are also looking for a new helmet you could try this.

I can't think of any double entrendres. Can someone give me one?

I'll get me coat........

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