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CTC Affiliation

SketchyMTB is now officially affiliated to CTC. (check out the attached policy doc.)
A big "thankyou!" to everybody that donated towards this.
Please be aware that the "CTC Organiser's Liability Cover for Affiliated Bodies" Insurance Coverage which SketchyMTB has taken out does not provide cover for any SketchyMTB Member, Moderator, Ride Leader or Ride Participant if they are sued personally for any injury or damage caused to any Person or Property during any ride, be it a SketchyMTB Ride or other riding.  However, any claim would 'chase the money', i.e. SketchyMTB's insurance rather than the individual who is unlikely to have personal liability insurance.

To make a ride a SketchyMTB ride, you must ensure that there are no more than 5 guest riders on regular rides, i.e. Wednesday @ Blean and that there is a list/collection of names, whether online or on paper.

The policy only provides cover for the entity of SketchyMTB.

You may already have personal liability insurance for activities such as cycling through your own Household Insurance. If this is not the case SketchyMTB strongly recommends that you consider purchasing your own Liability Coverage, such as provided by CTC for individuals. See <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> (currently £12 per year)

Finally, as with any insurance, it is vitally important that you read and understand the cover provided.  Also, SketchyMTB is not, in any way, qualified to provide any sort of insurance guidance aside from the fact that it is something that you should strongly consider in this litigious society we now live in.

If you have any questions regarding the above and you can't find the answer at the CTC webbie, please email CTC directly or PM me.

Anyway, let's forget about this now and "just get out & ride"


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Less than 1 minute ago" />   
Just a little bump to remind everybody about the CTC insurance held I took out for SketchyMTB.

If everybody could email their full name and address to <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->, I will then forward this to CTC and you are then officially covered by the insurance.
I promise these details will go nowhere else. (I will look into the details of data protection act too Undecided)

Note that the limit of 5 guests is only on regular rides such as Blean, BBH & Kings Hill every Wednesday.  Occasional rides are allowed unlimited guests.

Please ensure you re-read the above post.

But, also, don't forget to just enjoy it Wink
Hello all you lovely SketchyMTB'ers....

It's CTC renewal time.  I've sent off a cheque for £50 for another year, so, if anyone's feeling a bit flush and fancies donating towards it....  you know what to click (click the donate button at the top Tongue)
Oh, and please don't forget to click the Wiggle button now and then....  if any of you still shop at Wiggle, that is Smile

See ya out there.

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Less than 1 minute ago" />   

I forgot to mention that if you regularly ride with SketchyMTB you should PM your full name and address so I can supply CTC with a list of members, just in case.
I already have the following members details (in no particular order);

tooyoungtoknow - lagginbehind - cupcake - the missus - mashley - longjon - deadpool2e - mbnut - alkali
uphilldowndale - burnsey - legless - mudmunkey - papa smurf - leadbasher - lurker - treehugger - breezer
pittgoat - not4roaduse - dawg08 - dgw15 - bmjboy - homerj - buzz - strummer - cruiser1000 - tinc
artic blonde - randy - jay dubster - sailor - redwinnie - treaclesponge - bordercolliesam

If you've already sent me details and they've changed, please PM again.
I promise the details you provide will NOT be disclosed to anyone appart from CTC for the purposes of the 3rd party insurance described above. (unless some Thai dating site contacts me offering loads'a money!!!)

Also, all those under 18 should print out and fill in the attached perental consent form and return it (once) to a Mod during a ride.

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.pdf   Less than 1 minute ago">sketchymtb_parental_consent_2010_1125.pdf (Size: 68.51 KB / Downloads: 30)

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