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Firefox 3.5 - speedy-gonzales!
Just upgraded to FF 3.5, and bejeezus it's quick!
Even at work, over lunchtime the net's fairly usable ;D (usually god awful slow from 12-2pm)

Just thought I'd pass on the good word n all that.
One step ahead of you, but cant really notice the difference on his home PC.

I keep hearing adverts for 20mb BT Broadband, that should help me!
Frigin flip!!!!
I gotta agree with Jay....  3.5 is
I've just been prompted to update to firefox 3.6. It might be my imagination but it seems to be flying along.

PS - can recommend the megan fox persona  ;D
Yes I seem to have a MF persona going on today...
It literally died on me when I first updated........ but seems to have settled now.

I cant notice any difference in speed though.

I use tabs a lot, and getting quite annoyed that new tabs are not opening on the end of currently open tabs! - I like them in chronological order of opening, but this latest version opens tabs next to the current open one!

There must be a setting to change this?
"BMJBOY" Wrote:but this latest version opens tabs next to the current open one!

There must be a setting to change this?

It done that on the last one to. (3.5.something)
Didnt for me, always plopped new tabs on the end.

Just delved into settings - no obvious way to change this! grrr!!
Same as IE? yer must be setting somewhere . I had 3.5 and it put at the end. Logically its probably better grouping together as I end up with forum links and ebay item tabs open randomly so i expect I will adjust fine

I meant to remove mine fully before putting 3.6 on as it crashes constantly which from testing chrome before revealed it to be flash taking it out. Chrome only dumped the current tab though
Its mainly Ebay and other shop outlets though (and competitors sites)

I open each link Im interesting in at once, then tab through (in order of click) and drill down from there.

This new way now slaps new tabs in the mix, and Im getting confused.

Im sure I have no option but to get used to it.  Sad

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