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Laggan, Wolftrax, scotland
Soooooo - i was supposed to be heading north today to do a few laps of sherwood pines, then on to do a day at glentress tomorrow but things got a bit screwed in the process, not all bad though as now on the train heading to inverness, going for a weekend ride at Laggan -

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As well as that managed to get mates cove for the weekend also - will report back on the fun factor Smile

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Laggen is pretty techy...  hope you enjoy it

I just rode a 3 hour super techy downhill... knackered now
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
Very jealous, make sure to post some vids/pics up! Liking the Cove alot.
The Cove looks sweet! Love the rims too, was thinking of getting them before i got the Singletracks but they weigh a ton.

We NEED to do Scotland again, i'm very very jealous! Hope you have a good time.
How did it go.....

That Cove does look good!
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So on the train back to Aberdeen now, catching the sleeper back to London tonight.  Whether or not I'll get any sleep on it is a different matter.

So Friday went over to mates & picked up his cove, he has his one is the pic above, his missus has one & his 2 boys have more hardcore downhill rigs.  He's even got a 15" trampoline in the garden with a BMX frame with a load of pads instead of wheels  - they take it on the trampoline to practice mid air manoeuvres etc so take their cycling pretty seriously.

Anyway got the bike, put it in the van I had, it was pouring so didn't get much done on Friday, way to wet to get any enjoyment out of riding at all.  Late afternoon it dried a bit so there was a local track & jump park so went there for a few hours to get used to the bike etc.

Headed to laggan yesterday - got there about half nine, the set up is a base camp, then a gravel track up to the 1st red route, they call lower red, then another 5 mins up the hill the upper red & black start.  So really you have 3 routes to choose from.  

All routes are pretty technical, the lower red is 6.5km lots of rocks (slabs) making up various parts of the course, bit of singletrack through the wood, half a km of northshore then some jumps to end with taking you back to base camp.

The upper red is more a purpose built sweeping course with dropoffs & jumps (all drops have escape routes if you need them, but they are only 1 or 2 foot so not too bad)  The black is a different animal, very technical, lots of rock obstacles.  Your not going to be hammering down this route but if you like a challenge, something to test your trials skills this will cover it.

You definitely need protection, shin, knee, elbow, as the areas your going to come off means you'll hit a rock, no doubt about it.

It was great fun though, base camp was great, good bike shop & great cafe, plenty of parking etc & a Landover & adapted trailer to haul you up the hill if you have had it with pedalling for £2 a go or £15 a day.

To be honest a day is enough there, in 6 hrs you can get each route done about 3 times & also have lunch.  At the end of it you'll come away with a big grin & feel like you've done everything the place has to offer.

As for the cove, it was fantastic, 160mm of travel on the front definitely saved my but at least 2 times, came hammering into areas that a lesser bike or at least less travel would have meant I'd have lost it.

Strange really I have a Boardman pro HT, its light & quick but I have thought a few times wonder if I should have bought a FS, think that even more now but probably wouldn't go as far as the cove unless I lived in an area that meant I rode places like laggan or the nevis range etc a lot.  Might have to look at a light FS somewhere in-between.

I took a few photos & also come down both red routes with a cam on my helmet, if they end up being any good ill post them, if you haven't been there before it will give you an idea of what its like.

Beautiful place & only 40 - 50 miles from Ben nevis so easy to do both on a trip.

Sounds like a good trip...  
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            

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