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Rambling in the woods with 5 Firemen
Maybe ive been too harsh on rambling, its not as boring as I thought.

I got in from work and due to not being able to ride, picked up my jacket and set off up the fields behind me for a look around. Found some sweet looking twisty grass singletrack. Bit later I found this weird hole in the hedgerow, about 3 foot high so I snuck through to find this field on a big slope, few trees, surrounded on all sides. I walked round the perimeter but there was no other exit, kinda bizarre I thought.

I then picked up a large stick like proper ramblers do and gently hacked brambles and trotted along with it.

Anyway, wandered back towards the local woods, found another sweet downhill then went into them and checked out some trails I know, one thats sadly lost due to fallen trees. Had a look at another bit, found some berms. At one point I was even walking the paths with my arm out front and leaning away as though I was on the bike. All very well till one steep drop with pine needles and stick gave way and died and I landed on my arse and dodgy right hand doh. Then a few metres away I spotted the deserted camp fire!

It was only small but there was a reasonable sized log in the middle smouldering away with red embers crackling and a few spitting out. I tried to get rid of them kicking dust over but the log was having none of it. Naturally my mobile was flat (lasts a week between charges!) so headed back to the house. Got the attention of one old bloke in a house by the woods but he was no use and suggested ringing the fire brigade, clearly a fire 100m from his house wasnt of concern so I got back to mine, rung 999 then headed back down the road to wait for them at the entrance to the woods. What with all the stuff happening at Blean I thought it was the best thing to do!

I was feeling a bit silly as it was so small and 6 firemen turned up including the driver and I led 5 of them into the woods but it was still smouldering away and they agreed it was the best thing to ring them as a bit of wind and a few embers and a lot could have gone up. They put it out by covering it and dousing it with water from a back pack thing.

Drinking beer now! :Smile
Very responsible thing to do. Shame you didn't have your camelbak with you.
I would have used my own portable hose.

Good work though Breez!
hmm good point, I didnt think of p1ssing on it lol.

I signalled them as they came down the road with a Tescos torch which was considerably brighter than the ancient halogen things they had on them, have they not heard of led's!
Weird small hole in the dense hedgerow


Which led to a hidden field with no other exit  Undecided

"Buzz" Wrote:I would have used my own portable hose.

Good job it wasn't an electrical fire then. Bombs away.........

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