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My old Skate Vids
Some old skate vids of mine, these are very old! The music seems to unsync itself on vimeo due to the old encoding so just ignore it.

[media width=500][/media]
[media width=500][/media]

and one of my mates, hes still skating, his body must be ruined.

[media width=500][/media]

See if you can spot me in the first one.
Oh at 1min10 on the first vid thats me breaking my wrist  :X
you really are a cool dude...............word              Wink
Ive always found skateboarding and the like amazing. ive never tried it myself but the skills and balance (and balls) needed to do some of the tricks is incredible. did you give it up or do you still skate?
I used to rollerblade at a very amaturish level - I got to "jumping off a set of steps" level, but that was about it.  Drink and women was a far more fun hobby for me at the time.

I could jump off women and down pints really well after lots of practice....  Wink

Im not posting those vids up.....

Cool vids though, you guys where/are very good.
I gave it up as i lost interest of constantly hurting myself, really is a young persons sport. Alot of my mates still do it and they are constantly in hospital or recovering from some form of injury.

Have some really good memorys from it all, pretty much dedicated my whole youth to it, travelled lots and meet alot of people from it.
I've said it before and i'll say it again. Nutter, nutter nutter nutter nutter.  You can see why he is the way he is on a bike, a 4 foot drop off must seem tiny compared to several flights of stairs, in one go :o  Apart from the bit where you broke yourself it's hard to pick you out in those.

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