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Hope Vision 4
Feck me it's bright. End of review Wink

No seariousely, it's a light cannon, it is rediculousely bright, in fact it is probably twice as bright as my Stella 180 on setting 1, and the beam is nearly 180 deg so i think it will be perfect as a bar light.

Here's a few beam shots: First is the Stella on max Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin   The rest is the Hope 4 on all 4 settings.

And i haven't even been out on a ride with it yet as it's p!ssing it down outside.  Cant wait to go riding tomorrow evening ;D

Oh and appologies about the picture quality, i had to put the iso on 800 for them to come out properly.

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I was impressed when I saw Mbnuts Hope4.....  I'm sure you'll hardly ever use the max setting.
The LED4 is a stonking light even on its lower settings. I've been more than impressed with everything I've done with mine & the run times have always been more than enough. I never run mine on full power as I've never felt the need.  Pleased your pleased, it still a lot of cash to outlay on a light no matter how much you save.   8)
Well i really haven't enjoyed night riding at all so far this year and have been struggling along with my old set up since i got it, so if it helps me enjoy my winter riding a lot more then it is well worth the money. I literally can't wait to go riding tomorrow night Smile

Oh and compared to the Lupine Wilma, which i beleve is around 1000 lumens also and over £700, it's dirt cheap 8)
Helloooooooo..... we're still waiting for your darkness ride conclusion  8)
I neve got to gou out last night as i got dragged out to a resterant strait from work >Sad  Might go out for a quick spin after dinner tonight.
Would like to know how these perform from someone who has them bar mounted, ie are they ok on the real twisty stuff like at Blean without a helmet light?

There is no way I will be mounting one on my head if I buy one as I crash big time each ride these days so I will have a cheap helmet light which can be destroyed with very little financial pain but I dont want to rely on it and only want a bar light which can be used by itself if I want like with my old homebrew halogen setup
Mines helmet mounted at the moment but I cant see a problem with bar mounted as the angle is good, certainly no worst than any other light. My mate cycles with his bar mounted & should be with us tonight, between me & Mr Boy we'll see if we can remember to take notes..

Other option is you can borrow mine one evening to see how you get along
Its a tough one, as I prefer my big light on the bars - but run 2x Fenix on my helmet - due to crashing as Breezer points out and lower head clearance for branches/trees.

We can have a lighting shootout tonight.........

Or we'll be in the pub due to the end of the world coming.....
Ta for the offer but not sure when I will be able to ride. I think it will be good enough from the reviews and photos ive seen and im leaning towards it now from the exposures due to the extra bightness and slightly more spread despite the fact theres a seperate battery.

bmjboy: Dont you find them heavy on your head? Are they both 2xAA?

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