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double front ring setup
having a play with a double up front plus bash. so far have kept the chain the original length which means i can use big/big combination, although the chain gets floppy when in the granny. shortening the chain will reduce the available rear cogs when in the big ring up front but will add some how do others set up their doubles?
Shorten it, tension is good and will stop the chain coming off when on bumpy stuff.

I rarely use big big combination, i set mine up so that when in the granny up front i just have tension when in the smallest at the back. I run a chain device aswell so i have loads of tension in my chain.
also what size rear mech cage do you have? mines a long and i still have the option to put on a big ring.
i had a long cage mech from the triple setup but fitted a medium cage today, the long was a bit flappy. At the moment  when using the big ring up front i can use the full cassette, when using the granny i can use about 1-7 on the cassette.

its basically set up so that when in big/big the mech hangs vertical, i just think i will use big/big, big/2, big/3 quite a bit.

tensioning the chain will pull the mech forward wont it? will i then loose big/big?
I put the big ring back on + a new chain for the 24/12 and have recently gone back to double and bash and re-fitted the chain device. The chain is still the same length with a long cage mech, and it dosn't really flap around at all, not even in granny and 9th so don't think i will bother shortening the chain. That way i can quickly switch back to a triple ring set up for racing.
Just cleaned the Zesty and changed it do a 2 ring setup. The chain was too slack before and it made a hell of a noise on the right seatstay which improved when I put some velcro there but still bad, plus ive clipped the outer ring a few times and rarely use the top gears so have gone for a 22/36T setup with a lower roller.

I now have far more chain tension although need to let air out of shock to check on full compression although unlikely to bottom out shock in big/big! Before when in 9th the jockey wheel would be horizontal on the mech stop with the chain rubbing against the mech cage so now its a lot better.

I managed to potter round the road outside my house yay, using right palm to change gear as fowlmead'd thumb hurts too much boo, but its a start. After some setting up it seems ok but wont know for sure till out on the trail. One thing I found a bit weird is that when in the granny ring the chain doesnt sit in the groove on the roller as you can see but instead runs on the top on the inside. It still seems to work ok. There is minor rub in 1st gear on the device plate itself but can probably bend it slightly. The roller should work with 2 rings and has a slope on the outer edge going up and away from the bike, I wonder if its actually round the wrong way although the graphics suggest its not?

There was a brief issue with it not working which turned out to be that someone "cough" had put the new middle ring in the outer ring position on the cranks ahem

Looking good Breezer. I have exactly the same chain device and the chain is meant to go on the inside of the roller when in the granny ring. Are you not going to get a bash ring too. Believe it or not i still sometimes ground out occasionally with a 36 tooth middle ring.

Sailor- Are you intending to still use the 44 tooth ring occasionally, if so that won't be possible with a medium cage mech, and especially so if you decide to shorten the chain. If your not going to use the big ring then no problem.

If i see you on Thurs or Fri then i'll bring my old Blackspire C4 along. I'm not going to use it again now i have an ISCG one instead.
Will see how I go with this and if I hit it then I will get a bash. Ive only hit the old outer a few times and this gives more clearance anyway
I plan on just sticking with the double so the medium cage mech wont be a problem. have shortened the chain so i now have tension in little/little.

hope to get out thursday afternoon/evening for a ride, depends on how well my front brake hose repair goes.
I like having a bash ring on so there is less chance i will gorge myself.

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