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Blue Tooth not working help needed
I tried to update my handsfree Parrot in the car today but failed  because my bluetooth on the laptop isnt working properly.
The error is the the bluetooth has been stopped & I need to start it again using the icon in the Windows trayaparently... unfortunately I dont have a bluetooth icon in that tray so at the moment seem stuffed.. Can any of you clever people tell me what I need to do to get around this... XP Home by the way.
Easy, just go into control pannle then connectivity - bluetooth and you'll probably have to re-pair the parrot. Bluetooth can be verry fickle on Window's i think, i had to switch from a bluetooth keyboard to an rf as it was doing my head in constantly having to re-pair the bloody thing.
Potentially its working but says its "stopped" & the way I have to start it again is by clicking on the incon in the "windows tray". My problem is there isnt an icon in the "windows tray.

I also cant find a "connectivity" button in the control panel
Sounding dumb, unplug and replug in the Bluetooth dongle, should open it up. Updating a parrot isn't easy unless everything works 100%, I have 2 parrots, bit fortunatly can update with ease!

I assume you have a new phone then......?
The bluetooth is all integral in a laptop.

No new phone just trying to update Parrot Software.. Easy to do a s long as bluetooth is working.  :'(
That's well frustrating, I'm sorry I can't help as I'd smash your house up with frustration

What model you got? I've got the colour one the 3300(?) and mrsboy has the b&w 3100
a 3200LS Colour one in the Saab 93 & a 3100 B&W in the 95
Ah not connectivity, i meant bluetooth devices. I think only programs that are running appear in the windows tray, so if it has "stopped" it won't be in there. I could be wrong though. Would probably be easier to go through the pairing new device procedure than trying to figure out the exact reason it has stopped... Your laptop might just be having a bad hair day, it dosn't like you any more because you eyed up it's sister, think of another 2 trillion unlikely reasons....
Maybe the bluetooth has been turned off in a power saving mode ? Look on the keys on your laptop for the bluetooth sign ... on mine its blue on a F key ... i have to press Fn and then the key to toggle between on and off

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