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Peugeot 306 rear wiper fault?
Morning All

I wonder if anyone can help with this please?

Yesterday morning as I started the car to drive home the rear wiper started working however the stalk control was not switched on. I tried the obligatory on/off routine without success and the wiper continued until deciding to stop by itself. The front wiper was fine.

At the same time the battery light came on, the clock went off and the electric window wouldn't do up which was something of an inconvenience as I'd just parked...

A quick google suggested a blown 15A fuse so I drove to Halfords to buy a spare before discovering a spare in the box. The window did back up, the clock came on and the battery light went out however the rear wiper started up again.

This time after a couple of swipes it stopped and there was a noise like a motor trying to turn. As I drove home it did randomly work a couple of times, with the stalk control being off and when I left for work last night did the same thing.

I've had a quick look on google/Peugeot forums without much success, there are various mentions of wipers or relays not working and seized motors but not coming on by itself. I think it could be a fault with the motor, hence the whining noise or the maybe the wiper relay itself?

Driving home from work today and all was well, rear wiper worked when used and turned off again however after about 15 minutes I noticed that the clock had switched itself off and the battery light had come on which suggests the fuse has blown again.

Any ideas much appreciated
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moisture/water in fuse box?? look for signs of damp. Take a few out and see if any are corroded.

After re reading it may be that your battery is on the way out, lot of electrical bit can act up if so.
306s have a habit of burning their stalks out. Sounds daft but sniff around the stalk and see if you can smell a faint wiff of burnt plastic. If you can its the stalk. Mine had similar faults to yours. Changed mine a couple of times, It's quite a common fault on 306s
My Citroen ZX had a similar thing happen during an epic thunderstorm. I stopped at the M25 services for a wee, turned off the ignition, removed the keys and the wipers continued sweeping at full speed. I went for a wee anyway, when I came back they'd stopped and it never happened again. Could be damp getting right up your electronical box or whatever it's called. Or it's haunted.

Good luck.
Keep it foolish...
I've had a look in the fuse box which seems ok and the blown fuse didn't appear corroded or rusty.

The contacts around the battery connectors have some sort of build up around them, I'll get a picture up later and investigate the stalk over the weekend when I'm off.

Thanks for the replies Smile
Ride the Spiral to the end
It takes us to where no ones been
My 307 did similar with rear wiper, then made awful noises & ceased solid, so that's the wiper motor screwed (major pita to replace).
However your issue sounds like the "dodgy earth /wiring in left side of boot lid" issue that's mentioned on many pug forums, should be easier to sort Smile

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