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Helmet Light - DIY
No idea if most relevant place.....

I will be buying a bar mounted modern LED to replace my old home made "sun" setup which was a 35+ watt halogen running off big RC car batteries but a desire for a longer run time and the Zestys lack of bottle cage mount has meant retiring that one. I did one ride with a Tescos torch on my helmet and it proved useful a few times as a spot despite my wide flood bulb however I didn't like the weight of it.

So......a combination of being bored, not being able to ride and curiosity has led to the following. Twin Tescos AA based torches with the main body and switch removed, wired in series to a remote battery pack which will be held in my camelbak


This gets rid of most of the weight from the main body which was metal and the batteries themselves as being carried in my camelbak makes them irrelevant seeing as I have the contents of 4 bikes shops in mine already.

Rechargeables are only rated at 1.2v compared to Alkalines 1.5v and due to the exponential curve you actually lose quite a bit of light running on rechargeables despite the fact they normally put out a bit more than their quoted amount. The logical solution was to use a 5th battery and for now I made do a 3 and 2 cell pack wired in series.


The 5 rechargeables put out about 6.6v when charged which is more than the standard 6v but I believe the Cree's can take 4-4.2V each however I didnt want to risk 7.5v if I had to use alkalines and so for them its a 4 cell pack


You all know what the Tescos torches are like, 3 watt Cree's, great for the money. Total cost of this lot was about £20 plus the batteries so when I crash every ride which I will going by recent events, it wont cost me as much. The problem is they don't sell the torches any more, ones near the end werent Cree's (I bought one of them) and even these two don't have identical beam patterns. However, have billions of similar lights so if these work in principle and I see no reason why they won't, I might get a couple of other torches from them which are rated brighter and make another set up. Nothing to stop you doing the same with Fenix's or whatever those common bike used ones are.

With these I want to replace the twin crimped plugs with a single one with a centre core and proper heatshrink over the ends which will be far neater, simpler to clip together and less susceptible to damage, I will have to put these in a little padded bag in my camelbak I think.


I wonder if I will get any weird looks if I go for a walk in the woods with this on hmm  Wink

looks really good, nice job there.
I like it when you are bored...   you get a Blue Peter Badge
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
thats impressive. I actually have six of the tesco cree lcd torches and I need a good helmet set up too. Are you bored enough to put together one of these for me!?  Tongue
nice work breezer, just been busy recently, but after talking with you at fowlmead i am tempted to do the same
Keep it foolish...
Maybe, let me find a better plug connector first plus I would leave it to you to seal the torch up. I used a load of silicone sealer and tape as you can see, not that neat, can probably glue it together (its the front end and the switch bit with switch removed and cables thread through its hole)
Nice work Breezer, glad you've found something to keep you occupied atm too Smile
&quot;Jay Dubster&quot; Wrote:Nice work Breezer, glad you've found something to keep you occupied atm too Smile

You're kidding right? - Breezer at home, Girls Aloud on the TV and a dead arm - happy days!  Wink
Breezer,   Nice one.  If you are looking for a better option of sealing up the torches and the wire conections at torch and battery positions for that matter, it might be worth a visit to maplins or similar online.  Look for "heat shrink tubing",  this comes in many sizes and colours, by sliding this over the said items then applying a soft flame to it will cause it to shrink down sealing and strengthening any joints.  (DO not use blow torch or oxyacetaleen... Smile )  (Spelling error i know lol)
You need to get suitable size tubing for different diameter materials as they will only shrink down so far..
This in my opinion would make a perfect finish to your project and future ones...

The link below is just an example of the material and application, shop around and you will get a good variety at a cheap price.    8)
Woops sorry forgot to attach the link....  

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