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Help me choose...'Cos you're all experts, right?
Right so I have just moved here, now obviously niether of my bikes are going to be suitable for riding anymore so I need a new bike.

So what bike do I need around here....

I have ones of these.....

and one of these....

So what do I want?

Do I want a Long Travel Hardtail, i.e. A stiffee/chameleon or a Ti 456 or a couple of hours messing around in the woods


A all mountain bike (Nicolai helius AM)


A slack 4inch travel full sus with slack headangles for bombing around for a couple of hours in the woods.

Now I live in maidstone, and my handjo is more then enough for just going for a ride, basically what I am asking are there enough places for messing around in the woods, i.e. jump drops etc etc or am I better off getting an am bike for the day trips to surry hills or what not?

Just to clear a ew things up,

yes I am a bike whore, yes I have lots of expensive gear and no idea and yes I don't care as owning nice stuff is half the fun.
Most of us now ride FS, but shorter travel, I dont think any of us are riding anything for "extreme" DH.

You're looking for an all rounder I would expect, something light enough to chuck about, but also good enough to handle the likes of Surrey Hills etc.

I guess it depends on what you are looking for?

As you already probably know, any bike is good enough, just depends on what type of riding you are looking for.

{Not much help that was it?}  Tongue
Firstly I want to have s3x with your Nicolai if thats ok?

Theres nothing too extreme where you are but there are places worth the hours drive ie Surrey hills etc which have more extreme stuff.

I would say keep the Handjob, sell the current Nicolai and replace it with a 140mm-160mm ish full susser which would do as an all day trail bike but also for a bit of play time although obviously not quite as competent as your old bike but far better all round. Something like a zesty/spicy/Orange 5 or Alpine 160/Meta 6 etc, New 2010 Fox 32 150's or 160mm 36's etc

How heavy is that Nicolai frame and whats the travel? If its 160mm or less the cheapest option may be to modify that, put on a air rear shock, dump the triples for some 36's, ligther but still strong wheels like a 819/Hope setup
No way I am selling the nicolai...... its only 3 months old and cost be close to 6k. It hs 160 to 200mm of travel i'll keep it as my alps/scotland/cwmcarn bike.

So, so far general consenses is full sus 5-6 inch travel bike around the 30lb mark.

As for the whole s3x thing, I can lend you the seatpost?
"ianpinder" Wrote:As for the whole s3x thing, I can lend you the seatpost?

But who would lead him the cotton wool padding to make it fit  Wink
ah right I presumed you would be selling one but yes something 160mm ish around 30lbs then. You can get something like a Spicy off the shelf which is around 30lb or build up a Alpine 160 or Meta 6 like a couple on here have for similar money, depends if you want to spec it yourself, mind single pivots etc
A lot of riders here are getting into racing etc, so therefore looking at lighter bikes etc.

You wont go wrong with a Spicy though - just a decent all rounder will be fine for anything the southeast has to offer.

I hope you've got some mega insurance for your garage of bikes? - Watch out for a pent up lanky geezer in a clio shouting at anyone female or who drives a diesel in your area - it could be Breezer wanting some man-love with your Nicolai!  Tongue
Just because I said I want to have s3x with it doesnt mean I will, I am faithful to my Zesty. Why do you think I spent all Monday cleaning it? Have to do something with it seeing as I cant ride atm.
Ok so after some breif research I'll get the Nicolai Helius AC
If i was in your position id be looking at a 140-160mm travel bike that can take some abuse but still be pedalled around.

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