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What route did you go to get where you are now..
What i mean is travel wise??

I started on a fully ridged bike, and then went to 120mm (which was a revelation at the time) then to 140mm and currently at 160mm which is fulfilling all expectations.

I feel my riding progressed at each stage to warrant moving up to something bigger.

So which route did you go??
Fully rigid then ran ~70mm forks for years then I built up a new play HT with 140mm forks and bought a 2nd hand 180mm DH bike. Sold the DH bike after not using it enough and built up a 100mm full susser which then got 130mm forks when moved to a 130/130 then to a 140/140 and then bought another 140/140. Always had the HT's during this time and even raced the old one in rigid spec recently. I would like 160mm up front but no change at the back for what I do.
I had a fully rigid gt aggeressor, then I went and got a diamond back full sus, snapped the frame on that and they replaced free of charge 4 years after i bought it.

Then I upgraded that to full xt, good v brakes (discs were not around then/or they were bloddy expensive) and 100mm judy t tripple clamps.

I also bought a trek 6700. Both got nicked in my gap year before I went to uni,

In my first year of uni I bought a cove stiffee with 130mm forks, I had that for 2 years then It got stolen.

I then bough the cove gspot, which was a 6 inch freeride bike, really heavy and bad at pedalling so you couldn't ride it any distance but awesome on the downs. That got stolen after 2 months.

Bought my handjob pictured above, 130mm steel hardtail it weighs 26lbs and flies.

I bought a second hand coev sanchez frame for 60 quid of ebay and built that up into a 100mm single speed jump hardtail for £500. Then I sold it 2 months later to pay for my first nicolai. The sanchez is still the most fun bike I have owned.

I then spent a year saving up for  my first nicolai which was another 6inch freeride bike, but because of the horst link it pedelled really nicely, at the same time I built a second hand charge blender frame up with spare parts.

It was stolen when I picked that, and the nicolai up from the bike shop after getting a chain device fitted to the blender and the bushings fixed on the nicolai.

However, I then understood more about what I enjoyed riding and what I wanted, so I saved up again and got myself my current nicolai.

Now I am in the process of getting a more suitable bike for around here.
Raleigh Equip road bike (racer) was my first new bike in my early teens, rode that on paper rounds and all over the place until I started driving. No bike for a while then got the Kraken (HT, 90's spring forks, v-brakes) in early 2000.
Didn't use that much until recently when I decided that cycling was the only way to fight the flab and distract me from the lack of motorsport in my life at the moment. Also got me out in the fresh air and appreciating the countryside around me.
Breezer persuaded me to try off road which was great fun but frustrating on my heap vs. his super spec toys. Also rode on-road and completed the L2B this year on the Kraken with road tyres.
Finally received compensation at the conclusion of a personal injury claim, so treated myself to 2 new bikes, one for the road and one for the trails. Best thing I did for ages but loads to learn and lots of fitness catching improvements needed to get the best out of them. I plan to enter some MTB races very soon and next year I hope to compete in local time trials on the roadie.
I went through 3 rigid Peugeot Rangers as a kid (mine, my sisters as she had a male frame, then my dads) then learnt to drive so a 10 year gap, then kot a piece of sh!t 60mm full suss just to see if i still enjoyed riding, that got nicked and about a year after that i bought the Carrera Kraken off ebay with 100mm suntours- upgraded them to Marzocchi MX Pro's- then everything else on the bike untill i got the Inbred and 140mm Pikes. Then got the Enduro and started to enjoy the rooty, rocky DH's a hell of a lot more so got the Fox 36's to slacken the head angle a bit, and now i can't wait to take it down a proper DH trail Smile  Since getting the Kraken my riding improved massively and as i improved i felt the bike was holding me back, which was the main reason for going up in travel.  Of course now i enjoy racing, which means i want a medium travel FS race bike now!
ianpinder: Do you live in dodgy areas or leave your bikes alone unlocked or something? Having so many nicked must be tedious!
"Breezer" Wrote:ianpinder: Do you live in dodgy areas or leave your bikes alone unlocked or something? Having so many nicked must be tedious!

My first two were due to me using cheap locks thinking they were strong because they were big, when i was young and nieve.

The rest were all during uni time, the stiffee some one lifted the roof of the shed to steal. The gspot, someone cropped a new york fogetabout it lock, and the blender and the nicolai (after an unfortunate series of events) were stolen from a locked car. But yes it does get tedious.

Oh and I lived in the bath/bristol area. yes bike thefts are a problem.
Started with a £60 fully rigid lump.  Tubes were way too oversized resulting in a bike that gave absolutely NO relief from trail buzz whatsoever.  The thing was so rigid I could almost feel individual blades of grass!!!  :o
Moved up to a £500 Saracen full-susser.. couple of inches both ends (allegedly :Smile)  Piece of crap! >Sad
But I then traded that in towards a Marin B17 (back when B17's were FS not HT 8)).  6inch rear and 5inch(sort of) front.  The only let down on the B17 was the elastomer forks.  Not too bad most of the time, but nearly fully rigid when playing in Coed-Y-Brenin at -6 centigrade. :o
I loved that bike.  I still have that and one day I will rebuild it.
After a 5 year gap (bloody kids   ??)), I decided the B17 needed upgrading.  But I bought a new bike instead!
A Carrera Fury.  Great HT for the money with decent 5inch fork.
I then realised that I wanted to upgrade the B17 (again), so bought another bike (again Big Grin)...
My current BeOne Nirvana 2.0.  Yes it is the same Nirvana 2.0 that got a rating of 4, IIRC, in MBR due, mainly, to the rather steep head angle.  Personally, I like it that way.  4inch rear and 5inches front.  Not the lightest FS, but I really like it.
Might look at upgrading it soon  Wink
Well aside from the obvious very small bikes I've had my first 'real bike' was a BMX, which I painted bright green  8)
Then I had an old steel HT which was way to tall for me, had a major crash on that so that got scrapped.. All I did was slip off sideways but for some reason even the frame was mashed.
Then came some Ammaco T-Frame thing which I managed to snap the forks off.

And then came my first bike I rhode off road, Saracen something-or-other, which was nicked.

And then came the banshee... Front disk... Oh yeah! Used to certainly bounce around on that.
Once that broke I got a old steel fully rigid, totally worng size frame but it certainly did move it somewhat.

Then came the Hardrock, which is still in use today
And most recently the I-Drive...

I still own the Banshee and the Black Rigid, both work.. Sort of
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o
First bike was a red raliegh racing bike, when I was about 5 or 6.  I loved that bike, and skidded so much on it that I wore through the rear tyre until the innertube was poking through!

Then I had a fully rigid raliegh mtb, some team edition thing, with plastic v brakes, all I can remember is that it had a yellow and blue paint job!

On that I used to compete in the scouts bike trials, when we used to ride through woods and then had to do stuff like a small slalom, and kick a ball through a goal, and go over a see saw.  

Then I managed to convince my parents to spring for a Claud Buttler Shinoby, which was rigid. That got nicked from Dover seafront, must have been about 14.  To replace that I got a muddy fox monarch team bike, again fully rigid, in purple.  I loved that bike too, as it was my first proper bike! (still a piece of crap though)

After that I had a big period without using it, must have been when I got driving, then 6th form, year out, and college.  No biking at all!!

Then I entered the London to Brighton, about 3 years ago with a team from work.  Went to get my beloved Muddy Fox out of the shed, and found the bottom bracket seized in the frame.

So then I got my first suspended bike, a Diamondback Outlook, with 80mm suntour forks (probably more like 20mm in reality), for £180 about 3 days before the L2B.

I then road that bike for about a year, just for a bit of fitness.

Then I got to know Tim at work, who showed me his Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper.  I had no idea bikes could even look that cool...WOW

So after about a year of working out the money and massively over researching I bought a Giant Trance X3 so now I am up to 120mm full sus.  

Only really ridden Blean and local trails to me.  But find 120mm for most of the local stuff more than adequate.  I am sure that after my first visit to somewhere with proper DH sections, I will be wishing I bought something with 140 or 160.  

But this is it until I pay off the finance, and I have to say I absolutely love it.  I have three years until the finance is paid off, then I will probably buy new bike, who knows where we will be with travel by then, but if I could have any bike out there now, it would have to be the new 2010 stumpy s-works.  140mm travel with brain valves that really work, and a bike that weighs about half of what mine currently does!!!

If I find myself needing more than 140mm travel then I will have to look at two bikes as I commute around 50 miles a day for half the month, and at the moment I do that on my trance x, with off road tyres!

The main thing I love is that I have a bike that I can commute on, ride to somewhere like Blean and hammer the singletrack, and rekon I could get down most desents reasonably quickly, a true allrounder.   Big Grin

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