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New superfast broadband
:o bloody hell Big Grin
4% of 4gig in 2 hours, so 80meg an hour, probably what i get in ashford in the evening (at best) when all the other people in my same area are downloading some crap.  Used to be that the 50:1 contention on a line didnt matter that much but you really get hit with it now that more & more people stream stuff, or download big files.
Truly unlimited and never slows 8)
What is Sky LLU?

Call my cynical, but with the introduction of the new BT 20meg braodband adverts, my current BT Broadband is at an all time slow??? - how convenient!
"impished" Wrote:Sky LLU FTW ;D
Truly unlimited and never slows 8)

Hmm interesting - just checked the exchange - LLU is enabled for some providers, think a change is in order as contact end is in october.

LLU is local loop unbundling - in other words where as in the past all your broadband was through the BT exchanges & equipment (even if your provider was another company the equip was still BT) LLU means that other providers can install their equipment in the exchanges & provide a service direct to you, in other words you "break out" of the BT loop.
My ISP winds me right up with their pathetic 30gig a month peak time limit, im always going over it and then they cripple me to 15k/sec!
Oh, and it's only £5 on top of my Sky contract. 8)  (although this may rise to a whopping £10 soon :Smile)
I've honestly cained it night and day at times.  (downloading multiple Linux distros, honest   ??)) and it never slows, there's no cap.  It's grrrrreeeeat... 8)
Yes I download linux distros constantly as well

I really dont know how some people cope with the 2 gig limit ones like the standard Sky, I dont think they actually slow it down though like my ISP? If you have a 360 for example, some game demos can be over a gig!
I dont have cable here, so quite limited to my options, so far Bt Broadband has been a consisten 7.5mb when paying for 8meg which is pretty good.

Im yet to see if their claimed 20meg will be rolled out here, but if requires cable, then I cant get it.

I dont do a lot of downloading anymore, so how much faster do I actually need it is the question.

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