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Gear indexing
Can anyone help me with my gears?

I changed my rear mech last year and got it about 99% right
I've just changed my front mech and while it works I'm not 100% happy with it.

Can someone help? I can pay in cash or beer
Or can someone recommend LBS/bike mechanic?
You have to grow old, you don't have to grow up :lol:
What is you're issues with the front mech? Have you tried adjusting the limit screws? What front mech is it?
Swapped the original front mech for a Shimano SLX M671 (3x10) Conventional mounted front mech

Its moving to all three of the rings but it doesn't just feel right.
It might need a little tweak here or there or it might be because its new and its a bit stiff and I'm not used to it.
You have to grow old, you don't have to grow up :lol:
3x10, old school Wink In what way doesn't it feel right? Try going into the granny ring, reduce the cable tension by turning the barrel adjuster anti clockwise and adjust the limit screw so that it's perfectly aligned. Then keep increasing the cable tension till it shifts smoothly into the middle ring then back into the granny. If the chain goes into the BB re adjust the limit screw till it shifts smoothly granny to middle and back again, try it many times to make sure it's ok. Now try going into the big ring, if it doesn't go in strait away increase the barrel adjuster a click at a time till it shifts smoothly, and if the chain shoots off the big ring adjust the other limit screw till it doesn't come off any more. This should sort it Wink If not, then the front mech may be perfectly parralell with the chainring, shift to the middle ring and check, if it's wonky go into the granny and straiten it. Hope this helps.
Thanks for that, I'll have another look and adjust slowly adjust things until I' a bit more happy
You have to grow old, you don't have to grow up :lol:
Maybe the mech position on the frame is not quite right? Shift the mech onto the big ring and then find something to wedge it in place so that it doesn't move at all when you release cable tension. Get down to eye level with it and It should be somewhere around 5mm above the big ring. Now look from above, it should point toward the rear wheel (bit vague, I know, when you've got ten gears back there and the mech angles are all funny too). If the mech is clamped around the tube, it will rotate as you do it up, so keep an eye on it while tightening, and adjust and compensate the angle it points toward the rear wheel at.
The outer edge of the dérailleur needs to sit between 1mm - 3mm above the teeth of the outer chainring......5mm is way too high. When you buy a new front dérailleur there is always a orange tab stuck on the outside which confirms this. The outside edge of the front derailleur also sits parallel with the outside edge of the large's incorrect to point it towards the wheel

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What he said... ^^^^^

I've always followed the shimano guidance. Front mechs are usually nice and simple compared to the rear.

I had rubbish shifting on my cx bike for a few months which no tweaking fixed. Turns out my Mech hanger was bent. The chances are that your front Mech is just slightly in the wrong position. Disconnect the cable and follow the shimano guide and it will be lovely and smooth! Smile
Sorry, looks like I pulled the figure of 5mm out of thin air, didn't mean to spread misinformation.

Re pointing the front mech toward the wheel, bad wording on my part, I meant to point it toward the rear cassette. I don't always have any guides to hand and this is a method that has worked for me - it's rare the chain ever runs parallel to the chain ring so it seemed sensible to angle the mech slightly, and it seems to work on my bikes.

Park tool say to align front mech to the chain, with the chain on the largest chain ring and smallest sprocket
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