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Where are the Kent-Trails threads gone?
I have been contacted by a few of the Sketchy users over last week regarding the removal of the post advertising the Kent-Trails rides. Unfortunately we do seem to live in a world were censorship still exist and I am very sorry if these posts have disappeared but has nothing to do with me:


The Kent Trails thread was deleted, after much deliberation, as we decided that promotion of other clubs on wasn't appropriate. Let one do it, you've gotta let 'em all.

You may notice your posts about "where has the KT post gone" and "20%" has been removed. This was purely to stop the Kent Trails decision from becoming a big issue. If you have any questions about this decision, please PM me.

SketchyMTB Admin"

Quite a few of you from this forum have been joining either the Thursday, Saturday or Sunday regular rides we organise and I was only trying to make your life easier by posting our rides along the sporadic rides that can appear on the forum, hence offering you an alternative choice of dates and locations as we tend to rides anywhere in the county.
By posting these rides, I was not looking at creating any competitions between any groups and as I believe this forum is a great opportunity for riders from the South East to gather together and overall ride together whatever shirt any of us wear.

However, if you want to join any of our rides, you will have to check the kent-trails website (<!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->) as big brother is likely to ban me. You are welcome to join us even if you wear a Sketchy shirt. We won't be offended if that's the case and won't make you remove it and/or burn it.

Unfortunately Cycling (and specially Mountain biking) is still a minority sport in the UK. If people from the same area being Sketchy, Activ, MCC, Kent-Trails or Bog Hogs cannot get on together, then the future of our sport in South East Kent is not looking good.

It is by riding with some of you in Blean that we have showed you some of the trails we have created. Banning us from this forum (as this seems to be the case as any threads related to KT have been deleted) will not help you either at enjoying the new trails Geoff is opening in Blean.

I will be surprised if this message stays on the forum before being deleted by the SketchyMTB Admin, unless it is controlled by the chinese government!
Cant you PM the admins about this? I very much doubt you will achieve anything by posting private messages for all to see.
I am disappointed in the manner of your response Michael.
A PM to either myself or one of the SketchyMods would have been much more appropriate.
As I said to you before, the decision to remove your posts was not a personal/anti Kent-Trails thing.  It was based on the concerns about CTC insurance with other clubs organising rides via  And the confusion that would arise if all local clubs promoted their rides here, not mention the cost of hosting, which I am sure you are only too aware of.

As for our members riding with you, that's not even an issue, although you seem to be trying to make it one.

We have no gripe with Kent-Trails, BogHogs, MCC or any other clubs.

At no point have I mentioned banning.

At the end of the day, if you don't like the way SketchyMTB is moderated, you are welcome to try one of the many other mountain biking forums that are available.


p.s  This thread is now locked (not deleted) to avoid a flame war.  If you wish to continue this discussion with me, please do so via Private Message.

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