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New member in the BBH area
Hi, I've just started riding after a long break(about 14 years), I'm slowly getting back into it and loving the freedom that off roading offers. As you all know we have some fantastic trails locally and I thought it'd be good to meet up with some of you when ever possible, I have had some good kit in the past, but being I'm getting back into it I didn't want to spend the earth of some top of the range FS machine, only to find I can't cut it anymore. So I popped down to Halfords and grabbed a good deal on an '09 Carrera Vulcan disc spec, and so far so good!!!
I used to work in an IBS years ago building lots of nice topend stuff so chucking the Vulcan together was a doddle, bike seems okay if a little weighty and the cable discs take ages to bed in, but all in all, for £250 (on sale) I think it's a cracking budgit ride.
I work some very weird shift patterns so can't make regular rides but it'd be good to get out and learn some new trails and generally improve my fitness. Hope to meet up with some of you very soon. Smile
Hi Krusty. Welcome to Sketchy. BBH is indeed a superb place to ride.
The main ride is currently the wednesday night so if you are free wednesday evenings and can get hold of some lights come along. It is seriously good fun.

Where and what have you ridden in the past? I had a Muddy Fox Courier Comp back in the day which I still miss  Sad
I started out on another Carrera, the Krakatoa, think this was about '91, loved that bike, complete with 400LX group set, it was used as daily transport for about 3-4 years then replaced by a Trek 850 Mountain Trail, think that was a '94, then built my first pucker MTB, a '96 Trek 970FS, changed the Judys for Marzochie XC600s and fitted it out with some  Club Roost long bar ends. With a mixture of LX and XT it was a really top notch steel hardtail in it's day, all up about 27lb, much better than the P7 which still has a good rep by all accounts. I sold that bike to fund the purchase of a Mk1 Escort and never looked back, until now! Would love to build up a serious steel hardtail again, you just can't beat the complient ride of steel.
'evening Crusty, there are a few of us Newbies (some of them old gits like me) on the BBH wed evening rides so you wont be the only one finding your feet again!
Hope to see you out on the trail soon.
Welcome to SketchyMTB Krusty ;D

You'll love the BBH ride.  Everybody is very friendly.  It's just a shame you won't get to see BorderCollieSam's, now famous, oversized tyres  Big Grin....  however, you will get to see some fantastic, fun singletrack. 8)

Have fun.

EDIT:  maybe you'll we'll see you at one of the Blean ride too, oneday
Hi Krusty, where abouts in Lordswood are you, Im just off Mayford Road
Not sure where Mayford Road is, but I'm not far from the traffic lights on Walderslade Woods Road. About 5 mins from the dirt jumps in the woods!!! ;D Not that I've got the bottle to attack them at much more than walking pace.
Only found the trails in them woods about a week ago, lived round here for nearly 8 years, but thats part of the fun, finding new trails and routes. Smile
I know the bit well, broke the end of my collar bone off & snapped my shoulder blade in two at that very spot.

Mayford Road is off Gleamingwood Drive, about 3 minutes ride form the Leisure Centre
I had a Krakatoa for years, awesome bike although I think I snapped 15+ front brake cables due to the dodgy roller wheel bit it passed over through the stem!
Welcome to SketchyMTB Krusty!

I'm afriad now you have "popped" up on here you will be harassed & cojoled relentlessly to get out on your bike, so I hope you enjoyed your time off Wink

Seriously, if you have only just discovered the tracks in the woods along Walderslade Woods then you are missing alot!  I'm Lordswood (further in by the Sports Centre) & I honestly believe we are spoilt here for very good all year riding to suit all abilities.  With a little road work joining off road sections together we can reach Green Street Green going north & Charring the other way.  For the evening rides there are several local loops that can be shortened or lengthened to suit all.
I would urge to join the ride at the Sports Centre though as you'll miss a load of really good ST if you join later on by your house.

(PS - Don't be put off by Mr. Behind talk of breaking things, he's learnt alot since then & now only breaks other peoples bits Undecided)

Get out there & enjoy ;D ;D ;D ;D

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