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New Blean Trail
I am planning to build/extend one of my trails in the near future and as some people showed interest in trails I thought I would see if anyone would be interested in giving me a hand.
The trail will be several hundred meters long and involve at least one stream crossing.It will also hopefully have a few proper bermed turns.I have marked out part of the trail already but just have to arrange some spare time to start.
I build a trail from the inside out so that it is unlikely to be discovered and stopped.I don't cut down trees only remove/cut back undergrowth,stingers etc.A trail is built to suit the terrain.In a few hours with say 4 people you can build approx 80-100 meters,berms etc would obviously take longer.If anyone is interested then please reply.I will start probably from mid October.The route will hopefully be marked out by then but I'm willing to accept ideas or diversions etc.The general route will be revealed when surveyed and marked out
Im all up for a few build days to expand local trails ... Are we talking weekdays or weekends ?
Week days as its quieter.
[quote="]Week days as its quieter.[/quote"]

Ok suits me let me know closer to the time !
Yep count me in. I can only do after 6 on weekdays though, what sort of time would you be thinking?
I'm in if i'm not working (so for me it'd be weekends or after about 5pm).  Sounds like you have thought this through nicely
Thanks for the offers of support.I will do most of my building during the week but may also do a weekend if I can.I'm hoping to be able to check /survey the rest of the route this weekend.If this works out the trail would have to be done in two parts as it will cross a fireroad  and then continue.Total distance is going to be approx 600 meters.If anyone wants berms or jumps then obviously this will add to the build time.No North Shore though as it would probably be removed.We will have build a stream crossing,which could be either a short bridge or a culvert.
Sounds good...   i'll keep an eye on this thread and if i can come along i will...
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
I'm excited by these plans.  Really hope i can lend a hand!
i get plenty of time off in the week, pm me.

how about a stream jump?  ;D

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