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Carbon Bars : Fitting Notes?
Ive very kindly been given a set of Carbon Monkeylites from MrNut to try before I buy.

He's simply advised to just use caution and equally ease the tightness of the stem up when fitting, but not hang off it.

Firstly, just incase I dont fancy the bars for any reason I need to hand them back - I would just like any tips or assurances on how to fit without scratching/breaking/messing things up.

Ive ordered some ODI Ruffian lockons, and will also need to mount my Juicy7's and gears.

Just asking out loud, as I dont fancy MrNut coming at me with a chainsaw, and then me having to pay him too!....  Tongue

I hear/read of these tall tales of bar failure by either scratching or over tightening, with a fat bloke like me bearing down on them*, I guess I should be careful.

*Comments about MrsBoy are not required at this time.
If they are Mr Nuts I would be very careful.... he has an axe, a suitcase & doesn't live too far away from Cliffe.

Apart from that, just follow the advice already given & you'll be fine. You only need to tighten the bolts until they pinch. Perhaps use some bolt "locktight"as well
I would give advice but it will be ignored plus I am not allowed to swear or even use non offense random characters such as !"£$%^&*()
Ive also luckily been given 2 stems to test too....... so will need to remove the stem again at some point for a fettle....

Sounds like MrNuts lockup is an offshoot of CRC's warehouse....

Now, where did I put my balaclava and bolt croppers.........

I will proceed with caution as originally advised, just thought Id ask a wider audience just incase...

Oh, and MrNut doesnt have an Axe - as that wouldve been ideal while camping the other week when a certain wooden item need to be "Economically Proportioned" to fit on the fire!  Wink

Im saying no more.........  Wink
I do have an axe... i just didn't have it with me at the time due to it being 'in soak' in a bucket of Virosol for reasons i'm unwilling to mention....

Now that this thread is out there i'll make my apoligy to Long Jon a public one... sorry mate but the above mentioned bar and stems are the ones I had said i'd lend to you to try... Mr Boy just kinda badgered me in a more persistant styleee and has lent/given me a fair bit of stuff lately so they have gone to him... sorry    :o  :B    can i still be your friend  
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
&quot;Breezer&quot; Wrote:I would give advice but it will be ignored plus I am not allowed to swear or even use non offense random characters such as !"£$%^&*()

I dont ignore your advice Breezer.

I managed to fit carbon bars and if I can do it anybody can. Arent they usually reinforced in the centre and ends?
&quot;Breezer&quot; Wrote:I would give advice but it will be ignored plus I am not allowed to swear or even use non offense random characters such as !"£$%^&*()

(Sorry - Didnt know they where pencilled in for someone else, hope Im not treading on toes)

However, MRNut was terribly rude about Longjon saying he's too quick enough without carbon, and said something about me being so fat I needed every bit of help I could get......  :o

I'll treat them kindly incase for any bizarre reason I dont fancy them.

Oh, and for the record:
I will NOT be mounting my bar ends due to immense peer pressure, mockery and slurs upon my person.

I have enough rumours to contend with without the constant bar-end debate - despite seeing almost everyone at Afan riding the hills and fireroads with a bar end style grip on their bars.

Now I just need to sell off my hand-bags and high-heels to quash that other rumour........
I too have an axe plus a chainsaw,

Come to think of it i have 2 axes plus an angry dog or 4, well 3 really ones a bit of a wuss

And I can find out where you live!!!!!!!!!!!
Blackers: All are reinforced in the middle but not all are at the ends. You should triple check for any sharp bits on the stem clamp from production and file smooth if nessaccary then do up diagonally then swap bit at a time until they are done up evenly to the required torque setting or if you dont have a torque wrench, FT-2

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