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Desk-bound daydreams
Just picked up the latest copy of Singletrack this morning, there was a really interesting article by a guy in his mid-30's who is in a similar situation to me as in doesnt feel his "skillz" are improving, still can't leap about on a bike like a salmon etc.  Really interesting read and comforting to know that it's not just me.  

Even more interesting though was their report on the trails near Mt Hood in Oregon.  I've been to Portland (about 15 years ago) and sampled some of their microbrewery beers (awesome) and to read that they also have loads of fast, flowing, swoopy singletrack in that area makes me really gutted I probably wont ever get to go there and ride.  In terms of mountainous beauty it makes Afan look like a Tescos car park, would truly be an awesome place to ride.  Sounds far more like my kind of riding than the super technical stuff in the alps.  Add to that the prospect of a Microbrewery with wood fired pizzas waiting at the end of the ride and it just doesnt get much better.

So, if you won the lottery tomorrow, where would be the first place you packed up and headed off to for your dream ride ?
Without a doubt Whistler bike park.

I NEED to go there...
I love Canada, and I bet the vibe at Whistler is amazing, but I get the impression it's a bit too jumpy & downhilly for someone like me.  That and there's bears all over the place...

Mind you, I did see a bear while we were out fishing in Oregon so I guess whatever North American wilderness you head for there's going to be a bear lurking about somewhere.
The Loch Raven Reservoir trails in Baltimore, Maryland. I was supposed to ride them in May but couldnt because my arm was stiill in plaster. So I walked them instead and they were great. Im still longing to get back and ride there and hope to within the next 12 months.

Plus the nearest town has what appears to be 400 eateries and some amazing ice cream shops.  Tongue
I have made a pact that if i win it large on the lotto. i will take 10 or 15 of you guys from here on a paid for trip to the Bike park (whilst i send the Misses and kids to Disney) with me catching up a week or 2 later. When i told the wife i got a funny look but thats what i am going to do.

Only one thing i need to do now.....
6, 24, 35, 41, 44, & 45

Hope that helps...
I think I would like to ride in the Far East, Nepal/Tibet etc.

Looked at the various charity expeditions they do there, and they look amazing.

I saw a programme on it once of 3 guys just taking in the trails in the those regions, visiting remote villages and mega ancient history surrounding the rides.

Would be more of an exploration/adventure trip rather than balls out trail centre stuff.

Failing that, Miami Beach....... for obvious reasons.
"Deadpool2e" Wrote:I have made a pact that if i win it large on the lotto. i will take 10 or 15 of you guys from here on a paid for trip to the Bike park

A couple of years ago I started talking to my Mrs about me going to Whistler for my 40th.  I figured it was going to be the one time I could get away with that sort of trip.  Since then I've sort of come to realise that it wouldnt neccesarily suit me and probably wouldnt be as enjoyable as it would for someone with a bit more skill on the downhills.  The ride in Lake Garda was a bit of a wake up call for me.  I now realise that, for me, bigger, steeper, higher isnt neccessarily more fun.

So my 40th plans have changed to be trying to take in trail centres in England, Scotland & Wales in one long weekend.  
Thanks guys, I fell really sick now as I havent made such plans for my 30th at the end of the month.........

But then, I would be going on my own, and thats no fun.
"BMJBOY" Wrote:I think I would like to ride in the Far East, Nepal/Tibet etc.

I think I'd aim for somewhere with a bit of oxygen in the air.  Undecided

Canada I think. We have a nice canadian girl in the office. I keep hinting that she takes me home, but to no avail so far.

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