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Laser Eye Surgery
To avoid mod slapping...

Longjon: Can you see as well after the surgery compared to with glasses? My other niggle is whether it would give me perfect vision or not, like you get with glasses. For example I can read things in the distance better than people I know with "good vision" who don't wear glasses and it would be weird if I couldnt see as well but I guess you would adjust with time.

I just cant help but think of the risk involved and potential for going blind. I have always thought this and its not just because of a scene in the film I watched last night, All the boys love Mandy Lane, where a bloke had a knife swiped across his face taking both eyes out hmm

Presumably they do one eye and let that heal then you have the other one done later? I also have a stigmatism in one eye. I tried contacts once although it didnt occur to me before hand that I cant touch my own eyes so getting them in was more traumatic than saying hello to a woman, the one with the stigmatism had to be up a certain way etc plus when they were in, my vision was far worse than with glasses which brings me back to paragraph 1...

I had astigmatism in both eyes and was severly short sighted, since the age of 4 i wore glasses and  contacts since i was 20,

The tests they do on you eyes takes longer than the surgery, they measure internal eye pressure, thickness of the cornes, which is critical, and you hve to have had stable vision for at least 2 years, on whatever prescription you are on.

The whole process took me about 2 months, and they turn away about 20% of the people they see.

The actual 'laser' part took around 30 seconds for each eye, and you can see straight away.

As for problems it depends on which procedure you opt for, I went for the scraping method, an opposed the the 'cut' method, so the healing time was a little longer, around 5 days.

I have 20/20 vision in both eyes, but i reckon i still need glasses for TV and PC work in dim light,

Want to know any more let me know.

Ta for reply. Hmm well I thought my eyes were stable but whenever I got this pair, 2 or 3 years ago, the prescription had changed a bit I think. I should go and get a new pair and see and then look into this in the future perhaps

Do you have to wear an eye patch as it heals as being able to pretend im a pirate could make this more interesting heh.

Is it a once only operation ie they cant do it again in later life as not enough to scrape away or something? Still needing glasses for the tv or pc sometimes would possibly be a pain as my memory is beyond ridiculous and im not joking and I could see myself losing those glasses or getting annoyed at having to move to get them whereas now my glasses are on from when I wake up till when I go to bed.

It would mean I could perv see clearly at swimming pools though, this would stop me eyeing up grannies as I did once before but also potentially lead to carnage if I see any nice correct looking french car owning women hmm

Also I could probably Google but is it really as cheap as you see advertised, "From £395 per eye" etc, I guess the from bit is the give away there....
For the healing you wear a Bandage contact lens, which is just a big contact lens,

In total m ine cost £1200 but i had the optional 'wavefront' laser which improves your night vision, if i didn't go for that the total cost would have been £750.

And yes its easier eying up 'ladies' when swimming.

Plus when it rains on the bike i can still see.

The main reason for getting mine done was so i didn't have to wear contacts or glasses on the bike, and i do a lot of night work, and contacts are vile then, 10 hours of pain.
Mrs Leadbasher here. I had Lasik eye surgery at Ultralase in Maidstone just over a year ago. A laser cut a flap on the cornea, another laser zapped the surface and the flap was put back. This procedure did not require the big contact lens and both eyes were zapped one after the other. Did not feel anything, but my eyes were gritty and sore for a few days afterwards, all perfectly normal. I was -9 in both eyes so being able to see, esp. in the rain is just great. Ultralase isn't cheap but I would definately suggest going for a free consultation to get more info, it's quite an experience to have the tests done and the drops they put in your eyes mean you can't drive for about 4-6 hours after as they stop your eyes contracting so you can't focus. Made me feel a bit nauseous. Quite fun though.

The after procedure follow up visits are a bit of a chore (Deal to  Maidstone) but highly necessary. Other locations - Optical Express Bluewater (wasn't for me), Optimax in Brighton and Croydon (ok - and seem to do many half price offers but getting to Brighton frequently wasn't for me). Of course loads of places in London. Check out the millions of forums. So now I have 20/20 vision and will only need reading glasses in my late 40s like everybody will due to your eyes getting old.
That makes me cringe about them cutting it open etc! I think I will need to look into it further.
I had mine done about 2 months ago, last eye test it was at 20/17 that's the line below the 20/20 line ie better than 20/20 vision.

I had an astigmatism in the right eye, after one week I was -0.00 left eye and -0.12 in the right

My prescription wasn't that bad, around -4 I got mine done in harley street as I wasn't going to risk bluewater, i'm currently putting drop in, morning and night but only becuase they are saying i should, don't need to as don't get any dryness, but going through the motions, first month was 4 times a day, so down to 2 times a day, so when I go back end of this month will expect to be told to stop.

Possible the best purchase i've ever made, i'd highly recommend it.
I'd love to have it done. The contacts are really starting to do my head in with the taking them out every night and putting them back in in the morning, then one eye always ends up a bit blury compared to the other and i can't keep them in for more than 12 hours because they dry up. Unfortunately despite it coming down massively in price i still can't afford it Sad
"Treehugger" Wrote:I'd love to have it done. The contacts are really starting to do my head in with the taking them out every night and putting them back in in the morning, then one eye always ends up a bit blury compared to the other and i can't keep them in for more than 12 hours because they dry up. Unfortunately despite it coming down massively in price i still can't afford it Sad

I'd always worn glasses, so for me it's a complete revolution eg swimming, not messing around changing prescription sunglasses to normal glasses, sports etc, you say it's expensive but how much do you pay for your contacts a month?  I got mine interest free over 3 years so will be paying about £80 a month, which IMO is a small price to pay for perfect vision and the freedom to use it.
Seeing that god awful time trial bike Steve put up where the saddles about a foot above the bars reminded me of another issue with glasses. When playing pool etc and you are leant down but looking up, the top frame gets in the way and you end up with half blurred vision! Its the same on a bike when in mega tuck position, can barely see as the glasses are too low


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