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Orange EVO8 - Dented frame :(
Girly mate at work, got a 2009 Orange EVO8 Hardtail in July.
Leaned it against something this weekend, wind knocked it onto a large rock, denting the top tube fairly badly :'(
Discuss ;D

Basically she's not sure what to do (or even if there's anything she can do) to get the frame fixed without spending a tonne of cash.
I figured some Sketchy folk would have knowledge that could help her out.

Any idea if that kinda thing is covered under guarantee, or what she needs to tell LBS/Orange in order to get it repaired that way?

Cheers for your thoughts all...
Think we need a photo so we can see. You can get away with dented tubes with no real problems but without photos, we'll all be guessing.  Undecided

Edit: Unlikely they will consider it under warranty as its not a warranty issue. Dented top tubes can only really be caused by things hitting them.
yes a photo of her would help us give advice

(aluminuim doesnt fatigue well so if its anything more than a couple of mm deep its probably quite suspect...)
Thanks guys,
I've asked for a piccie, will hopefully get & post it here tomorrow.
Potentially could be cheaper to buy a frame & swap everything over than get if striped, repaired & painted
A dented ali frame will probably need to remian just that I'm afraid. :'(
As breezer said ali work hardens so it's not good for bending back.
On top of that it's likely that the only way to get a dent out of a small dia tube is from the inside - quite tricky without damage on a top tube I'd think Sad

If the paint's not gone then leave it be, it's quite likely that it'll function OK for ages as the top tube doesn't see massive stresses.
If the paint has gone & she wants to repair then get a paint guru to fill the dent & paint over it.

DO NOT allow anyone to use heatto attempt to remove the dent.  Ali frames are heat treated after fabrication to remove the stresses of manufacture.  Heat treatment is an exact science & can be easily reversed or negated by a man with a blow torch. :o

Piccy would be good to see, but I think it'll just be a lesson in parking her bike better in future :o
Wonder if you could make a tiny hole underneath the top tube then push a tiny rod shape thing in through there and push the dent out? Might just ping out like with shallow dents in car doors etc. If its cracked the paint etc I would be cautios of using it regardless, probably going to need to go back to Orange for their opinion as afterall they are the only ones who know the real strength of the frames and material they are made of
Surely more interference with the dent would cause more stress and weaken it?

Might be best leaving it alone.......

But then I work with cardboard, what do I know....  Tongue
The only true repair would be to cut and replace the top tube. If it's just a minor dink then best left alone.
So I guess the answer to my basic query is:
"Orange are very unlikely to cover/repair/replace that under warranty" ??

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