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London Travelling/Rail
Just after some twopenneth advice or comment really....

Me and MrsBoy will be visiting london quite a lot in the next 2 weeks - starting tomorrow, then Sunday, then around my birthday, then for my birthday etc.........

So just wondering if its just simpler to get one day travelcards for visit, or get one of those oystercard jobbies and pay as we go?

All days are sameday return, but apart from Sunday as we are staying in the (yawn) Chelsea Hotel and coming back on Monday.

I refuse to drive as its pointless. (I sounded like Breezer then)
Get an oyster card. Top it up like a pay as you go phone at the station. The big advantage is if you only do one journey that is all you get charged, with the oyster discount, but if you do loads of journeys it will stop charging at a daily limit equal to the value of a one day travel card.

comprend-ay amigo?
As you are clearly so rich, just use taxi's from your house and have them wait for you at each location. Saves hassle of standing around for trains etc.
How quickly can we get a card?

So you are saying that on our 4+ visits it's cheaper to get a return rail ticket and simply use an Oyster for the tubes/buses?

A 1 day travelcard to Victoria is £19 for us.  A standard rail card return is £14.10 - So essentially, our travel if using an oyster must be less than £4.90 to be quids in.  Comprende?

Im now thinking 1 day travelcard is cheaper!

EDIT @ Breezer : MrsBoy is paying for all of it, including the Chelsea match tomorrow as I simply refuse to pay!
Oyster cards are just brought over the counter at the underground stations. There is a three pound charge to buy one. When I went to Wembley last Wednesday i even noticed that you can now just buy them from a machine for £5 (3 for the card and 2 for credit).

They are very conventant. i forgot to take mine when I went last wednesday. i saw lots having to queue up for a ticket.
Im still confused - although a tube ticket from Fulham Broadway to Victoria is £4 - oyster is half that price - so an Oyster would be good on that Monday I guess.

Seems that for a day trip, a one-day-travelcard is still the best deal.

For my birthday, we are all over the place, so again, I guess cheaper as a one-day-travelcard(?)
oyster and one day travel card are the same price. An oyster card will only charge you up to the price of a travel card, then stop charging for the day.
Im not sure if an oyster card is the way to go for you as it can it can only be used on london underground/buses and some overland rail. If you get a southeastern travelcard that will include your rail journey up to london and you will have acces to the 6 zones, it would work out cheaper than say buying a return to london and then an underground travel card on top of that.

Will you be travelling peak times? off peak? do you need to use the underground?

What are the exact dates your travelling up? it may work out cheaper for you to buy a weekly season ticket which can be bought as just returns to london or travel cards.
From experience, depending on when you travel a return will be between £15 and £25, I personally would use and oyster card all the way. Valid on tubes, trains and buses it always charges the minimum fare.
That said, if you doing 4+ visits I would see if you can get some kind of 2 week travelcard that works out cheaper than overall costs, if it did/even exists
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o
You cant use oyster cards on overland rail entering or leaving london, so he cant use it all the way, only once he is in london. I see people trying to use there oyster cards all the time and getting turned away.

Ive commuted to london for the past 6 years.

2 week travel cards dont exist, only weekly, monthly or yearly.

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