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My new project
Looks nice. Whats the stand like? I have just ordered one from Ribble Wink
That looks gooood 8)
cheers, is just for ripping around the woods for an hour or two.

the stand is great, its only the basic model. 86 quid from a shop in ebay, but feels solid even with my 43lb nicolai in
Very nice evil frame, i really want a jump/play/4x bike! Might try and build one up on the cheap.
it really i spossible if your patient. I built up a cove sanchez with brand new forks for £600. Mostly of ebay and stw, it was a cracking little bike. I then sold it 2 months later to pay for my first nicolai. I managed to get £750 for it. However you could now buy a nice of the peg jump bike for around £600-700. This build is starting to cost more then I envisiged (sp) but thats because i'm buying new hope brakes for it...... oops
Hi Ian, incidently why did you go for M4 front & X2 rear out of interest  Undecided

I've sent you a PM about the adaptor  ;D
Because you want more brake power on the front. I will be selling my M4/Mini setup soon off my street bike as its overkill, will replace with 2nd hand slx to free up some money, they do look sexy though
Thats what I thought, but with the new Tech levers I thought the modulation / adjustment was good enough to overcome this issue.
Personally I havent got very strong fingers & therefore rely on two finger braking as I've never felt comfortable with just the one. If I were to change I was thinking about going M4 front & rear to overcome this then if necessary put on a 140mm rear rotor at a later date if it became an issue
Hopes arent the most powerful brakes out there and not the cheapest either. I do like mine however I cannot justify keeping them on a street bike. Consider some 2nd hand SLX's which have the new servo wave which ramps up the braking power on a cam as you pull them on more, they work for Buzz.... I did have quite a play with the new Hopes though at the show as bite point adjust is something I would like but can't really afford or justify upgrading to them atm as I need other bits first. 183 front, 160 rear should be fine for most riding.

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