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new bike
considering chopping in my whyte e-120 for something more suited to my riding.

I will be keeping my orange five as its so good.

so i have narrowed it down to 3 potential bikes, I have general trail riding covered with the five so am looking for something a bit special and a bit different but still useable for a normal ride. In particular i would like something for improving my jumping and downhill technical riding.

my top three are (in no particular order):

Lapierre froggy 518

Orange Alpine 160

Orange Blood

my thoughts so far is that while the froggy looks awesome its probably too heavy for the amount of pedaling i will have to do. The alpine could be perfect although its essentially the same as i have already just with 20mm more travel. The blood looks fun just not convinced that 127mm of rear travel is enough for the knarly stuff.

any thoughts???
personally it would have to be the alpine 160. It's effectively a mini dh/freeride/all mountain what ever you wanna call it bike but with the capability of going up-hills too! A coil shock would be nice  and plush on the rear. To be honest, for UK dh tracks you don't need more than this.
As far as i know a lot of guides in the alps use alpines for day to day riding/guiding as it's said to be the perfect bike out their (being designed and tested there probs helped!).
I'm not saying rule the others out but maybe try and get some test rides? I quite like the fact that my bike was made in this country too which is another reason i'd go for the orange, not to mention the simplicity of single pivot.
I will say one thing though, riders like Rowan Sorrel have proved what the five is capable off, he rides a lot of dh tracks on his and i believe did the mega on it. I find mine plenty capable on jumps & dh runs!
If you do want a bike thats plusher and more suited to the dh side of things though, my answer would be the alpine!
your welcome to have a go on mine next time we are out, id like to ride a five anyway Wink will have to bring my shock pump...
might just have to see how much i will get trade in for the whyte
Not sure why you are not considering the Spicy when its the same travel as the Alpine and you say the Froggy has too much and is too heavy....
Have you had the Whyte on singletrack?
no not advertised the whyte anywhere except here.

Im not sure why i dont fancy the spicy, i tried a mates zesty and it just didnt feel right for me. I am pretty sure i would go for the alpine am just curious about the blood.

all depends on what sort of trade in i can get for the whyte.
You need to test bikes and tinker with them, you cant just get on one and expect it to feel right. Minor differences to bar positions etc can make a massive difference let alone 5psi in a shock and so on
Is the difference between the 5 and the Alpine enough....   i can see having one or the other but both?

That said I'd have so many bikes
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
i think the difference is just about justifiable, an extra 20mm each end and burlier construction. Having said that thats why i am curious about the blood as it is quite different.

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