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How to Manual? (properly!)
OK, will one of you the resident bike-technitions please give me the low-down on proper manuals. :B  At the moment I can only manage the lift-the-front-end-for-2-seconds-then-panic technique.

Look forward to all the flaming help Wink
Im interested in this too.......

Mike the Bike!?

Ive watched plenty of youtube vids on it, looks easy in theory.

We need to find a soft and very slightly inclined grass slope........
Learn how to wheelie and therefore find the balance point, use weight shift and rear brake to control yourself

I however can not do the above and it really hacks me off that I can ride a sodding unicycle around a muddy wood but I cannot wheelie or manual and yet a friend can manual for as long as he wants on any bike. Extra annoyance happens when he just gets on one of mine and instanty does it despite having no idea what its going to ride or brake like!!!  >Sad
It's all about leaning backwards to state the obvious.
Some people can do this without worrying & some need further effort.

Both wheelies & manuals need the same amount of confidence in leaning backwards whilst on the bike.
Get out & practice BUT NOT with SPD's :'(

I'm sure "Mike the Bike" will be along to tell you everything I can't
All will be revealed in the next issue of IMB if Im not mistaken...
2010 Canyon Aeroad 9.0 SL
2014 Specialized Epic Marathon
Indeed you aren't mistaken Treacle... Mike is on the case next issue, but i am sure he will give a few tips before hand...
Before you learn how to Manual you need to learn how to wheelie first as that should be easier to learn.
everyone on here can manual, its just manualing for a long time thats hard.
"Deadpool2e" Wrote:learn how to wheelie first as that should be easier to learn.

If anyone can explain why I can't wheelie yet can ride a unicycle round a muddy wood then please send your answers on a postcard  >Sad

Perhaps I need to buy a fixie and learn on that, can never have too many bikes  Wink

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