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Your 'Money-no-object" Dream Bike Shed.
This sort of dream can change almost weekly as and when the next best thing is announced, but this particular fantasy bike shed has stuck with me for a while.

I won the Lottery twice last week, but I don't think £2.60 on Euromillions and £25 on the National Lottery (no matter how much of a nice surprise) will quite cover it.

Anyhoo, I reckon it must be my turn to bag a lottery win this week so when I do I'm ready with my finger hovering over the "Add to basket" button for one of these;


For a snip at £6300

And despite the divided opinions I really like the idea of getting a Fat Bike... I just don't like the idea of one being my only bike, so I reckon I may as well get me one of these for £1700;


I don't know what KTM are like as an MTB manufacturer, but if their other ventures are anything to go by I reckon they'll be pretty good, and I like the idea of having something a bit out of the ordinary.

The "Fat Rat" is not completely out of reach I spose, but on an NHS wage it's not really justifiable as a plaything. So I may well get my next full bouncer on the R2W scheme, then start getting the overtime in and save for a Fatty in a year or so.

So what's your dream bike shed‽
I think the rest of your post must have got cut off or something because I can only see two bikes here!
Haha well I can only ride one at a time, I'm to old/fragile/with crap sense of balance to ride a BMX and I don't like road riding. So not sure what else I'd want or need.

What've I missed‽
Right now, Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt BC edition. It's clever.
Nice, how much is one o those‽
I'd have at least one of the following:

* hard tail for xc
* full suspension for xc/enduro/trails
* bmx
* urban/commuter/hybrid
* something wierd and unusual
* vintage road bike

Would look at UK manufacturers, but wouldn't rule out others. Would probably want at least two 2xHT + 2xFS.
Big Grin

BennyP Wrote:Big Grin

I'm happy you have finally found a keeper, you went through a few bikes to get there!

I feel the same about my carbon Covert actually Smile It does everything i want it to very well, love the way it looks, could do with a respray to make it look new as the previouse owner didn't invisiframe it, but i would keep it the same colour. Can't imagine changing it any time soon. If i did and money no object, probably a Santa Cruz Nomad. Love the look of the Evil Undead too, but i don't ride my current DH bike enough...
I've got everything I want:

Specialized Pitch - 6" Full Sus


DMR Trailstar - Fun 130mm hardtail


Flow Myth - Singlespeed 100mm 4X / Street bike


Specialized Allez - Fast commuter


Holdsworth Monsoon - 1954's most desirable bike


And an original catalogue

Keep it foolish...
MTB wise I could put up with this for just £4k
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... tml?b=3552</a><!-- m -->

and for the blacktop I'd make room for one of these;
Storck Aernario Platinum £5500

I'd also jump on the Fat Bike craze and squeeze this beastie in:
Canyon Dude 9.0 SL £2300

I'd be pretty happy with that wee collection Smile
Jay Dubster.
Moved to Radstock (nr Bath) but often in Medway & up for a pootle.

2015 Whyte T130 Yari
2009 Trek 8000
2014 Boardman Team Carbon (yawn) 

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