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Magicshine P7 (MJ-808) Light
"BMJBOY" Wrote:shame about the probelms, just shows the longevity comparison with these and hope2s.

The cost of a replacement battery factored in still makes these significantly cheaper than and just as effective as a Hope 2 though.
That said I love my Hope 2!  Tongue
Time to bump a mega old topic!

I bought this one (or possibly a later version due to the age of this thread) about i dunno, nearly a year ago perhaps? No problems with it so far and very happy, I orginally bought a cheap chinese copy from ebay for about 30 quid + 20 quid postage and it died after some time although it did last fairly well and I was impressed with the beam! So I shelled out the 80 or 90 quid for the proper magicshine one and the other day I came home to a small package for me with magicshine on the front, I hadnt ordered anything so was perplexed until i opened it. Inside was a brnad new plug and 2 pin lead (not the charging unit and lead to battery) and an accompanying(sp?) letter which said that because I had recently (not that recent but okay) bought a light set from them and they had since discovered that the lead were not up to the standard that they expect and they had made the decision to replace everybodys lead!!

What customer service! Absolutely outstanding in my opinion!!

I think its well worth spending the extra 30 quid on the light just for that customer service! Let alone the fact that the thing is probably built miles better and will last much longer!

Happy man Smile

P.s. Anyone else have the same thing?

P.p.s. sorry for such a long post Wink
That's awesome customer service, although probably mainly to cover their own asses. If the thing goes up in smoke.
"Treehugger" Wrote:That's awesome customer service, although ENTIRELY to cover their own asses. If the thing goes up in smoke.

Thats better.  Smile
I've got one of these - so shall be expecting my parcel soon too hopefully Undecided
"DaisyDaring" Wrote:I've got one of these - so shall be expecting my parcel soon too hopefully Undecided

It may depend on which model you bought and when you bought it etc etc, might be that it only affected a certain batch although on the flip side if it affected all of them thats a heck of a lot of parcels to send out so will take a while to give everyone a new one thats for sure.

Its definitely to cover their asses but that doesnt mean its not good customer service Smile
I got an email this morning at 8.50 saying my  1600l cree xm-l t6 light from hopeshop 2011 had been sent and at 9 this morning the postman knocked with the light. I ordered it Monday. I have it on charge and will see how the light output is against the 900l one I waited 3.5 weeks from Hong Kong last year for I have is and I we see how good the rear light you get with it is . Good you can buy them from the at at Hong Kong prices with out the wait..
I have just tried the new 1600l? light and it is brighter than the 900l I already had with a longer range. I have seen some people saying on another forum that the light output is no wear that claimed for these lights but as some people say for the cost of them I can not see you can go far wrong seeing that 2 lights I had on test last year have both gone wrong and have either been sent back for repair or had me rewire them and you can have 5 of the cree xm lights for the price of one of the ones I had on test. I still wish they would not put the flash as the 3rd switch setting as you could never use it on the road and I would have it set H/M/L but you can not have every thing for £30 posted to your door. I have a lens which makes the pattern wider which I got from the US which I will try on it.
   The rear light I got with it is more than bright enough.

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