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Car/Mechanic Geeks.... Advice Required
Right, im doing  my second service of the year on the van soon - will be a winter one to ensure she runs well throughout the winter months....

My Van is a noisy beast and I think needs some TLC due to previous owners not being to kind to her.......  Tongue

Just wondering if Castrol Magnatec Oil is worth the price? (ie double of regular brands!)

Im going to do a full engine flush first with some Wynns stuff and fancy adding some decent oil which may help.

I wouldnt mind doing the Glow Plugs but no idea how to do those, so will avoid that.

Just adding up all my servicable parts and including oil, will cost about £60.

So is Magnatec worth it or am I being pulled in by the hype?
No no and no. Just put in the correct spec of oil and change the filter... and do it all again regularly...

Engine flush stuff can do more harm than good (various therories about moving muck around or getting trapped where it's not wanted) - if you want to "flush" it, just do 2 oil & filter changes close together, separated by a decent run, but this should really not be necessary.

Fancy expensive oils with clever names/marketing are not worth it, put in the spec that is recommended by the manufacturer or a reliable alternaive from a knowledgable source.
With a diesel the trick is regular oil changes... so use a good oil but be aware that you should be changing it regularly so don't throw money at it... the thicker the oil the quieter but the less mpg...

Diesel is just about the best flush you can get but don't run the engine for too long...  

I'd need to go and look up the details as now days I don't really touch engines etc... the boss give Renault £373 to change the oil and a further £77 to put wiper blades on...   i have begged him not to but hey....  
Mei securis turpe meus vox<br />            
Probably worth it if the Engine is in good condition. That said, if you're wishing to add additives, potentially its not so may not be worth the extra.

Both my Saabs run on Mobile One, again expensive oils but Saab offer a 8 year warranty on their engines as long as you play within their guidelines so in the long term probably worth it should I have engine issues.... especially as its only once a year for the 95 or once every two years for the 93
Thats what I was thinking deep down, but Ive heard and read about Vivaros getting "clogged" with crud quite easily in the oil channels and someone told me ages ago to always flush before a change to get all/most of the cr@p out.

My mate says not to flush too, as he sees the build up of deposits as "protective"....

The van is lowish mileage for age, but as I say, not very well mechanically looked after before me.

I do less than 10k miles a year, but always do 2 services a year - regardless.  Ive always used the right spec oils, but just a "budget" version and no big named brand.
In addition to that, Im mega pleased to have sourced a new sun visor for the van! - clearly the original owner kept books/maps or whatever in it and it had dropped with time - I got fed up of headbutting it when looking out at junctions so removed it.  Fed up of being blinded already this year now the sun is lower, so £15 well spent with a breaker!  ;D

Will be look for a decent "mid-range" oil now then...........
If the engine hasn't had regular oil changes then you shouldn't flush.  It is likely to cause more damage than good (unlodging something that will then clog elsewhere)
I have flushed it on every service that I've done, Ive currently done 4 services on it.

So ive either knackered something, or finally got it to a respectable level.

Was thinking that if adding some "premium" oil then a flush would be the best option to get some crud shifted before adding the better stuff....

Toss of a coin for me at the moment......  Undecided
I would definitely flush it out, if not you will just contaminating your nice fresh oil so there fore why bother.
On the other hand I wouldn't flush out a cooling system unless you want it to leak
I never flush a rad out, most ive ever done is stick a hose in it for a bit, never used a chemical in it.

I think Im going to do an engine flush and go for a mid-range/branded oil - even if I just "think" its doing some good.

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