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Any asthma sufferers here? Just wondering if anyone has any tips particularly for cold weather riding. I was diagnosed with asthma today and told I am also particularly allergy prone, cold weather riding really gives me problems.

If that wasnt enough it also looks like I have an inflammatory lung disease, to be confirmed next week, which just adds to the biking difficulties. So it looks like the majority of my riding will have to be downhill based rather than long xc, simply as its easier on the lungs.....anyone know the opening times of the bull track? and costs etc? and if its worth the trip?
Sorry to hear that mate Sad  My doctor also suspects that i have somehow contracted Asthma in the last year or so, although in my case it's just exercise induced. Since last winter every time i stop i'm coughing up a lung or 2 and sometimes my chest feels really tight and can't take deep breaths for a while. I usually cant even talk for about 5 minuets till i get my breath back. I have an inhaler but i can't really tell if it's doing anything, but the good thing is while i am riding it's not too bad, which is strange. Breathing in cold air also makes it worse, so i might have to use a Buff or something a lot more on cold days.  What are the triggers for your Asthma? Dose it come on every time you get out of breath and while you are riding, or just when you stop like me?
Have you recently suffered with Hayfever Simon? That and asthma combined is generally known to bring on allergies such as being allergic to bee stings (I'd know!) and I don't know if it could stretch to some form of reaction to nettles, though they are a slightly different poison.

Anyway, I suffer too, used to be something chronic. 3 inhalers and pills but now I take barely anything expect the blue one (Ventolin) perhaps once a week at best.
This is only possible because as regular as possible I have to seriously shock my lungs...

Ride along somewhere and absolutely cane it, I mean really REALLY go for it for as long as you can. You'll know when you succeded because you'll go light headed and feel like your going to die for a fair while. After practice this gets better.... Well it did for me.

And now when riding I have to shoot off up the first hill to 'get my lungs working' otherwise I'll suffer big time for every second of every ride.
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o
not sure what my triggers are, some of it I guess is allergy induced and perhaps exercise too. It used to be that I was fine whilst riding and only noticed it when I stopped. At the moment I cant ride as everything is a massive effort, but I think that is more to do with an additional disease in my lungs so will just have to see how it goes.

I thought I would try the buff thing, does it actually work?
Thats rubbish news mate, i was wondering how you were getting on last night.

All the best.
Simon, that's all pretty grim news mate, especially as we're having to cover your overtime  Sad!!, but, I suppose that's only payback eh  Smile!!!!!.

The next time we get out on the bikes, we can be a couple of cripples together !!

All the best Simon, speak to you soon.

Really sorry to hear this Simon. Have tbey given any indication as to wether the lung disease is temporary?
gutted mate, hope you get better soon and keep us up to date.
Really sorry to hear that simon Sad All the best
Sorry to hear that dude, i had asthma as a youngster but through excercise and getting older it more or less disappeared. I think everyone is effected differently by it. Even though i dont suffer any more i still struggle with the cold sometimes but normally goes after im all warmed up.

When i did used to use the pumps i found they worked instantly, if my chest was tight i would have a couple of puffs of the inhaler and it would clear instantly so it didnt stop me doing the things i wanted to. I guess its like any sort of medical complaint, when its first diagnosed its scary and you dont know how it will affect you but after a while you learn how to manage it in a way that works for you.

Keep your chin up and hope it all turns out ok

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