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A Plumbing question - an update
I'll start with my problem then ask more stupid questions as we hopefully progress.
Back in April I had a new boiler & thermostatic rad valves fitted. Its a conventional system retaining the tank in the loft & hot water cylinder.
Recently when the heating is left on constant the boiler has started making an occasional noise when the hot water kicks in. Called out boiler people who have come along & had a look. Typically the boiler didn't make a noise when the engineer was there but he assessed the most likely cause is either the fan or a blockage in the Heat Exchanger which then cant dissipate its heat quick enough. The fan was running slightly fast, but more worrying is the water sample they took.  If you shake their little sample bottle it looks likes a glitter ball.
Anyway, they have advised that I have a "Power flush" done. The problem is the plumbing quality in the house (built late 80's) isnt that great & the heating pipes are all bedding in the concrete floor. My concern & others I've talked to, is that it will find any potential weak joints & make them leak.

I've been advise there is an alternative.... Apparently I can buy something you add into the F&E tank which holds all the loose crud in suspension, you then simply drain the system, flush it thro a few times then fill it up. I can then add a magnetic in-line filter before the boiler.

Questions to start..
1) Is this a good solution
2) Whats this stuff called
3) Is this a DIY jobbie, I'm fairly confident in anything DIY, but never actually drained & re-filled a heating system
Powerflush is the easy money for them, that's why they suggest it, plus any repairs required when the nasty chemicals find weak spots.

There are some products under the FERNOX brand that may help, flushing agents and protectors... personally I'd suggest just draining, flushing though with clean water until it runs clear then adding the protector on refill... should reduce the risk of leaks by NOT putting too much in the way of chemicals through to clean it. I did this at my old place years ago and it seemed to work well.
Something like this then  Undecided

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Yeah, if you want to, I've always found it sufficient to just run through plain water until it runs clear - ok for a budget but if you want to clean properly then do it properlt... and add protector when you finally fill...
Super, that's one question off the list.

So to drain the system I guess I just turn the boiler off, tie up the ball valve in the F&E tank & open the two bleed off points located outside of the house. When I refill it do I then just release the value & let it fill up the system.... bleeding the rads when its all done  Undecided
That's basically it, normally there will be one or more drain points at the lowest point of the system, often inside the house... run garden hose from that to a low point outside, tie up the ball-valve, open the drain and let it out... then refill and let it drain again... until it goes clear.
Super, I have two drain cocks next to each other outside the back door, plus when they installed the boiler they put drain points in the pipes just above the boiler itself. Why two drain points outside the back door...  Undecided
You have two cocks near your back door?   Wink
Didnt you have some back door leakage last week Breezer?

(I'll get my coat.....)
Blane just go into a plumbing merchants for the system flush grahams is the cheapest try and leave it in for a week or so you may need to do it twice refill your heating let it run then flush out again all systems are full of black sludge just some more than others. Pm my and I,ll talk you through it

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