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Carbon Bars - advice please...
Cheryl wants to buy me something for crimbo, prolly about the £50 mark.
I kinda fancy some nice, lightweight & trail-buzz reducing carbon bars, but haven't a clue what's hot & what's not.

Any thoughts oh learned ones??
I did think of asking for one of those MagicShine lights.
Can't think of much else I really need around that price, my want list is far more expensive Big Grin
Doubt you will find any that cheap, normally £80+ presuming you want wide risers, 685mm
Nice set of Ritchey WCS carbon bars for £65 - not too far off budget - good brand, good quality

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I have Easton Monkeylite 660mm off MrNut - and they're sweet.

Ebay is your friend with Carbon.......

Ensure you have a suitable stem too.
Not wide enough

(I am ignoring the fact I rode with 665's for 2 years)

No way on earth I would touch second hand Carbon bars! far too high a risk of them being damaged even if not visible. Yours werent the ones from his Bedgebury crash were they heh
Mine where still boxed when MrNut gave them to me - totally "pukka"

660mm are wider than what I had, Im happy with them - but agree, perhaps a little wider would be nice, but Im happy.
&quot;dgw15&quot; Wrote:Nice set of Ritchey WCS carbon bars for £65 - not too far off budget - good brand, good quality

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That's what I have, they are lush but quite still so not the best for buzz reduction... I prefer it to too much flex, plus it matches the rest of the bike.
31.8 for you but its hard(impossible?) to get 685 25.4 carbon riser bars which is why I just had to buy a new stem as well zzz
Which is why I mentioned checking you have the right stem.

There is no "carbon specific" stem, its just the size.
Cheers for the advice guys, mucho appreciato.
That Richey one looks n sounds good. I had looked on ebay too, so cheers for the 'no no' heads up on that Smile

Pretty sure my stem's either 31.6 or 31.8mm, not sure of length though - should get the tape measure out methinks!
Quite fancy the stem with the richey bars too, quite blingin, innit!

BMJ - defo want a riser mate, again must measure my current bar.
Orig spec is a flat bar, so can't tell how wide my riser is, just know it's a lot wider than my old scott's !!

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