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Decent Lube ??
Really need some good lube for chain, mech's, etc, as I kinda get by with WD40 and 3in1 oil at the moment :B
Gettin back from any wet ride, I hose the bike down & wd40 the chain & mech's to stop rusting, then 3in1 the bugger at a later date.

Preferably available from Merlin as I'm adding stuff to a basket atm Smile
Suggestions please?
Don’t know if Merlin do it but I use purple extreme. Its good in all conditions.
One of the wet lubes ie that fenwicks or white lightning if buying from Merlin right now. Need to make sure chain is clean, wd40 to get water out, let it dry properly, wipe then apply the wet lube which is stickier so wont wash off instantly like dry lube
Finishline Wet - way better than White Lightening, as white lightening contains wax, which builds up in the tiny places - you eventually have a candle in your mech!

Finishline Wet is a thick green gel, I think its great.

Get mine from CRC - free del, so doesnt matter if from Merlin or not.

Whilte you're at it, get a can of GT85 - much better than WD40 and smells fantastic.
Hmmmm GT85 !!!
Used to squirt that into the brushes on our old electric RC race cars,
coated the 'spinny conductor thing' (forget it's name) with teflon, made the motor spin like a frikkin banshee & the car went like a nutter too!
Motor's and and charge didn't last as long, but jeez it was a grin ;D

Thanks for the info guys, mucho appreciato!

[edit] Merlin don't have Finishline Wet in a bottle, just Grease in a tube and Dry / XC lube in spray cans Sad [/edit]
I'll check ChainReaction, see if they have the few bits I'm getting + finishline wet !!
Ignore all pending comments Breezer is about to make about CRC...... Ive had no issues with them, but I know he's had a lot!

Infact saying that, when I bought my last lot of Finish line from them, they sent me 1 small bottle instead of 1 large  -was sorted very quickly and efficiently though.
mmmkay, have gone with ChainReaction for my bits;
Finishline Wet Lube (120ml green top), a litre of Hope SH1T Shifter and some SealSkinz Mid Thermal SocksSmile

Checked reviews of the Finishline Wet Lube against Purple Extreme; FL Wet came out best as everyone loves it, where a fair few ppl didn't like the Purple stuff, oddly.
So that's my bike budget gone this month :Smile
"Jay Dubster" Wrote:a litre of Hope SH1T Shifter

Shouldve gone for Fenwicks FS1 - 11 Litres for £9!   Tongue
But the Hope stuff has no silicon, acids or other nastiness & is good for our lovely mother nature too Smile
I usually get away with good old fashioned Fairy Liquid and hot water, just fancied giving something more 'techie' a try really ;D
Im to busy ranting to anyone that will listen about the amount my car is leaking to go on about Irish tw@ts at that company

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