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Tune Of The Day
"alkali" Wrote:Sir Romj, What the actual flip was that? I'm a big fan of heavy music, owning the entire Justin Bieber back catalogue, but that was dire, like me shouting drunkenly at a building site. It sounded like The Sistine Chapel when Michealangelo and the other turtles were doing up the hall, stairs and landing. You posted it at 1.30 or so in the morning so I'll accept a plea of 'drunk in charge of an ipod' but there's only one long term cure for this, I'll send you my Bieber collection immediately...

I'm quite frankly astounded you think one must be a drunkard to enjoy such marvelously concucted juxtapositions of sound and rhythm.
I cannot allow my ears to be infused with the poisonous cat belch of beiber.

Good day.
My Dearest Sir Romj,

I stand corrected, I have been exploring Igorr's work on youtube and have come to the conclusion that he is indeed the next big thing. Some bits sound a bit Aphex Twin-esque, other parts Slayer with a little Squarepusher thrown in to keep shit real.

Sadly I have already packaged up my Beiber collection which is winging it's way to you as we speak. You are welcome to it as I have now seen the light.



He's alright for a French, anyway.

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Keep it foolish...
New James Blake tune... Effing stunning...

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To get you in the mood for the up coming album, realised I didn't own any old daft punk  :o so down loaded musique volume 1. This ones my favourite at the mo
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&quot;sirromj&quot; Wrote:Igorr... 'operatic breakcore'  Wink [media][/media]

I've heard of mathcore, metalcore, grindcore, jazzcore, hardcore, but not breakcore before. That brought a smile to my face. Reminded a little of the Berzerker.
Heard this on radio two coming into work this morning.

TUUNNEEEE!!!!  Big Grin

Bloody annoying how its sticks your head, even more annoying when you mention it to an young collegue who has never even heard of RSF  :B

EDIT: Oh my god. Its 21 years old!! Was in the charts April 1992!?!?!?

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Thought id drop a tune of the day as it has not been done for a while  Smile
Stumbled across this album a while ago and is a real good listen and definitely worth the purchase/download

Bonobo - The North Borders


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