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Random Geek stuff
lol ntsc res sucks
Borderline NSFW
"Breezer" Wrote:Borderline NSFW

OMG!   I literaly just spat coffee on my screen....  People are looking at me a bit weird now Big Grin
Not sure whats better, Network w*nk or Girlfriend trainer rofl
LOL ,hold on isn't that JimmyReloads old avatar on page 2 ? He's obviously been a member of the WWW for quite some time  Big Grin  
hah testing a new web filter/proxy to go into a school and owned myself trying to get to this thread, proves its working though heh

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How dare I deem Sketchy as being inappropriate! lol
&quot;Breezer&quot; Wrote:No rally game (nor rally bit in GT5) has come close to Rallisport Challenge 2 on the original xbox, that had unreal gfx, 60fps and stunning and more importantly, it felt right and I played it for so long. Original Colin McRae on the PC was probably the 2nd best.

I fully agree with ya there Darren. Loved the original Colin McRae PC, even bought a steering wheel just to play it! Rallisport was wicked fun too & looked the part. Haven't seen anything to touch em since Sad
NSFW wtf!
3 dimensional printing. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... _printing/</a><!-- m -->
[quote=&quot;]3 dimensional printing. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... _printing/</a><!-- m -->[/quote&quot;]

old news  :Smile Tongue

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