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Knee Issue
As mentioned briefly in the BBH thread from last night.

Ive twanged something behind my left knee - not sure what it is, Im not an effing doctor......  Wink

Currently walking is tricky, leg seems to be stuck to about 20% movement in bending the knee.

Fairly painful too, but nothing I cant live with.

Any ideas? - its right behind my knee - the only thing I know about behind the knee, is that the cruciate ligament is there.. - I dont think its that as Im lead to believe you drop like a sack of sh1te if that goes(?)

Now do I rest it or keep moving/stretching it?.......... Undecided

Ive got darts tonight, which involves walking about 4ft towards a wall and back again, possibly with a pint in hand - how will I cope!  :o
My knees hurt every day along with my ankles, its called getting old, make the most of it whilst you can still ride
Go see a doctor
"leadbasher" Wrote:Go see a doctor

Yeh right! - fortnights wait to be told "rest it".......

Might go see a private physio or something.

Just had a long hot bath (still no shower!)  Sad

Got some ibuleve gel to put on it, and see how it fares.
Maybe a week's course of Neurofen might help, not for the pain, but for the anti inflamitory side to things
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o
Didnt I suggest you buy health insurance?  Wink

Ive had knee issues. What I learned is that, much like backs (and medicine in general) a scan is the only effective way to diagnose. Get to the doctors and demand some action.
Ibuprofen will act as an anti-inflamatory but only if you take it 3 or 4 times a day for a couple of days (always with or after food).  You are best off keeping it mobile as long as you don't overdo it.  Keeping it static will only cause it to sieze and will cause crap to build up in the joint.  If its bad enough and not getting better then see a professional.  Physios are good but i've been much more impressed with the osteopath who has been looking at my back lately
Its a lot better now, I'm not limping now, but the stiffness is still there in respect that the knee feels sluggish to
move (if you catch my drift) it's not as freely moving as it should be.

I've kept mobile but not cycled, and avoiding jumping out of the van like I usually do when loading/unloading.

I don't think there's any long term issue, just a twang.
Glad to hear it.  Its miserable being injured!!
Bugger - its back!

Left knee, the back of it feels very "tight" - some very mild pain - it feels as if its restricted and cannot extend enough.

To give you an idea, Ive just held onto the wall and done this kind of stretch up on my toes and a bit more extended:


This makes it feel better.

If you recall some stretching technique on your bike when clipped in where you push your heel downwards to recreate such a stretch, ive been doing that too.

Any ideas, before I go see someone?

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