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Issue 3
Keeping the grand old tradition of telling you lot first... Issue 3 is out! A lot of late nights and missed night rides later we finally published it late last night. Big thanks to Nigel for the tests and to Mike for being the Bike!


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Hopefully i will now get to ride my bike again for pleasure and i'm looking forward to seeing you out on the trails...
Nice one Rou....

But you couldnt have picked a worse day for me, Im not getting any work done as it is, now I HAVE to read this!....

Oh well.... morning off.
Get yourself a cup of tea and a biscuit! Richard's Tech article and videos are really good. Was amazed what a difference it made to me tackling rooty sections at Surrey when I was filming with him...

For a few quid i will publish the Mike the Bike video out takes though! Haha! Wink
In all seriousness - the under rotation (read it Ade) article last time worked so well for me - made entire sense and give me a little extra confidence.

Its the small things that can make a big difference (well thats what I tell the missus anyway)
This issue he is all about looking where you are going, not at what you are riding over. He makes the very excellent point that by the time your front wheel has hit it, there isn't much you can do about it. Far better to look up and ahead and let your peripheral vision deal with what is happening under the wheels as your body will instinctively react to it.

If you look directly at an obstacle, your brain will panic and hit the brakes and slow you down. I tried this on some of the rooty sections at Surrey and although i am still crap on a bike, it made the world of difference...
Exactly my problem!....

I always look at the problems, then end up there.

Will read in full this afternoon.

OT : Can you make Wales in April Rou, I know youve been busy? - Stick your name down fella.
and my Boss picks today to work in my room  >Sad

Swap round in Editorial team?
BMJBOY: Warning, there is street riding content, I suggest you dont read beyond page 118 else your head will explode although as I type this I remember that you have just bought a road bike which is farcical considering the abuse you give people who ride mtb's on the hard grey stuff  Big Grin
Heads up Rou - your sig still points to issue 1 - perhaps some trickery so it always points to the latest issue is needed......
I can't make Wales, it's my Birthday that weekend and i had half planned to go overseas for some kiting! Will be on the next big trip for sure though.

No real swap round in the editorial team, behind the scenes it has always been like that. This issue Nigel focused on the tests and will continue to do so. There is a new lad who we are trialing as a potential Features Editor, but I'm not letting him write editorials just yet...

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