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First Aid
MTBiking is potentially a dangerous sport,but how many of us have any knowledge of first aid?I've seen several "accidents" over the years,two this year with Sketchy riders which luckily turned out to be not serious,but the next one could be it.I have some knowledge from doing a  dangerous job 20 years ago but have'nt updated since then.How about anyone else?
I was forced to do a first aid course at work but it was a couple of years ago and I don't do blood so probably wouldnt be much help in a situation, I do remember the basics though and since being wiped out in a race I carry a small first aid pack with wipes etc in
First aid trained by work but only to a basic level ... Im no trail surgeon !

Ive never really carried anything major ... 1 big sheet of dressing that can be cut down and some antiseptic cream
I have a fair amount of admittedly outdated first aid knowledge. not that that counts for much as i seem to be the one that needs first aid these days  
Luckily  I am blessed with a large dose of common sense and calmness under pressure...which seems to count for a lot in a drama. And ive watched 14 seasons of ER.
Trained here, and mrsboy is train to some ridiculously high level due t her job. She passes on this knowledge after every course, so I'm fairly up to speed on things.

I always carry a reasonable size first aid kit at all times, used I guess mainly when buzz cut his arm in a crash at afan.

As ever, I hope I never need to use it for something major.

Usual rules apply, take first aid kit, ensure u have a phone and it's charged, never ride dangerous trails alone.
I might make treehugger and blackers practise mouth to mouth on each other at the January meet...
I think that i will try and do a first aid course in the new year,I've seen some close calls over the last year or so,not all to do with biking.The most recent biking scare though was with a rider falling badly on the steps in Peene Quarry,Folkestone.He was lucky not break a leg or arm,just sprained angle and broken toe.But at the time it looked much more serious.
Treehugger is one of the people who gave us a shock when he crashed on a berm at Brechfa.Just had the wind knocked out of him.
Shock is one of the worst things as well especially in situations with broken bones etc. It can be a really hot day but once a person slips into shock they can become a shivering wreck. Of course they should just mtfu and ride out of the woods with their collar bone in pieces like I did heh although I suppose a leg break would be trickier but still no excuse if they had spd's as could pedal 1 legged Smile
Bad news breezer, mouth to mouth is considered not the norm anymore. Chest compressions only, unless the person was drowning.

The average person who collapses has more than enough oxygen in their body/blood but the heart is now deemed the sole thing you need to work on.

God forbid you are in the middle of nowhere and a truly life threatening injury occured. Terrorfying.

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