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2009 - My top three purchases
Now the end of the year has come, I have been thinking about all the things I have brought and which have been the best, in no particular order (although the bike if defo number 1)

1 - Has to be the bike (£300)


2 - Thin but warm hat to wear under helmet, before this had to choose hat or helmet. (£14)


3 - Got to be the free MBR buff I got in the summer with the mag, when I got it I thought it was useless, now the winter has arrived I think it's amazing. (free) You can't beat riding around in the buff.

Finally getting to ride with you lot all year... prcieless. Thanks guys.  :K)
Mine :

1 : Giant TranceX2 Frame in February - Bargain £400

2 : Easton Monkeylite Carbon Bars (From MrNut) - £50ish - Transformed by bike, clearly was missing a wider bar, carbon is a bonus.

3 : Endura eVent 3/4 Waterproof singletrack trousers - Bargain £40!

3a : Ribble Road Bike - super spec, worth a lot more : Bargain £465

As you can tell, I dont pay full price for anything...... Tongue

I agree with Winnie - Buff is superb in the winter, so useful.
1) My house!! 2 bed end of terrace new build. (well actually in went through in Dec 08 but hey)

2) Cannondale Phrophet 2 on the cycle to work shceme. £100 cash deposit, £400 dicscount on the reamining £1000 = £600 spread over 12 deductions from my wages of £50. Final purchase payment £50. Total £750 paid for a £1200 bike.

3) Two weekends biking one in Afan with Sketchymtb one in Glentres courtesy of my company!

Stuff bought for me:

1) My bedroom fitted wadrobes.
2) MY 661 Evolution Full Face helment
3) 1 pint of hurlimans in the Barn last night by my best mate.
1. Private Medical Insurance. Every mountain biker should at least strongly consider this. Peace of mind is priceless!
2. Boardman Team FS. Great bike. Even if it did try and kill me in March.
3. Hope Vision 2 - Great light and allowed  me to night ride at BBH for a rather superb 6 dusty weeks.
Bike related:

1) Whyte E120.  I love it.
2) Exposure joystick plus piggyback light thing to double its output
3) Entry to the 24/12

Non bike related:

1) Soul ownership of my house - can't believe i was going to sell it as i love the place
2) Anjunabeats volume 6.  Or maybe Anjunadeep: 01...
3) Christmas pressie for my gf as i'll enjoy it too Big Grin
Did you get her a d!ldo Nick?

Top Purchases...

XT groupset for the Claude Butler
Avid Elixir R Brakes, finally found out what stopping was all about...
Rock Shox Recon 120mm forks, made quite a difference over my original and seized 7 year old Judy TT's!

None Bike Related:
Birthday pressie for my gf as I enjoy it too, haha made myself laugh with that one Nick Big Grin
All the beer
New flash for my camera...
Manitou Blacks - £60 - Got the HT back up and running

Hope Vision 4 - Bloody powerful !

RS Rev 2009's - £260 ... Dirt cheap and in great condition !
1) Trek 8000 - again C2W scheme bargain, much quicker n lighter than my old Scott Scale.

2) Hope Vision 2 (Laggin = bargain) - allowed me to ride the trek at night with this mad bunch Wink

3) Giordana Windtex bike jacket - even in this cold snap, just this & a base layer/jersey's all I need to be warm n dry!
"TooYoungToKnow" Wrote:Manitou Blacks - £60 - Got the HT back up and running

Hope Vision 4 - Bloody powerful !

RS Rev 2009's - £260 ... Dirt cheap and in great condition !

What no Banshee?!?
"Blackers" Wrote:What no Banshee?!?

Blackers...... That was a new sketchy record. 8 sensible posts in a row. Had to end somewhere....  Wink

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