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Karrimor High Visibility Mens Cycle Jacket
Found this jacket in Sports Direct on Saturday - while dodging foreigners and chavs in equal measure in Strood and have an aruguement with a chav in a grey tracksuit on how to queue properly.


Its currently down from a supposed £60 down to £20. The above picture doesnt do it much justice I agree.

It really caught my eye and looks very good indeed - with extended rear panel for when on the bike and decent pockets.

I wasnt looking for one, but they only had a small, and just been on their site to see if they had any large - and they have.

They also do Black.  As Im planning on some Road riding on the new bike too - Im going for the lairy orange colour.

For a decent brand and a decent cycling jacket on a budget, this ticks most boxes.
Is it breathable?
I have one of these exact jackets and it's exactly the same as my rather pricey DHB one, but it's miles to big for me. Some of you will of seen me wearing it. I get quite hot in it but then again I've never really worn it in perfect conditions and on that basis any jacket would make you hot.
But for the money it's perfect.

My only gripe would be the hood which folds away around your neck, and when riding up hill when you need to vent alot of heat, that doesn't help...
My DHB cycling specific one doesn't have a hood...

So perfect if you don't like your neck being covered... Especially uphill/in hot situations.

Edit: I have a video of me, wearing said jacket at the end of a ride in Surrey.... I looked like a human kettle
My riding is more up and down than the damn area I live in! And the tart's knickers who lives next door - Combined!  :o
[quote="]Is it breathable? [/quote"]

It certainly looked it - but dont forget, its £20 (ok £60) but you know what I mean.

My current Altura is on its last legs and this caught my eye.

Unless you intend spending silly money like £120+ for a jacket then I doubt most are properly "breathable" anyway.

I sweat like Susan Boyle on treadmill most times, so I expect to be hot in any jacket I wear tbh. The only waterproof material which breathes is skin anyway.... Wink

Worth a punt for little money, especially if you need something fairly bright (and it is!)
"BMJBOY" Wrote:while dodging foreigners and chavs in equal measure in Strood

Its funny cos its true  Wink

They do stock quite a lot of Karrimor running and cycling kit there including some padded tights for only £13.  The pad doesnt look upto much but if it sees you through the rest of winter then its all good.

I got a karrimor running vest during the summer which is nice and cool and a snip at £4.
Ride the Spiral to the end
It takes us to where no ones been
"stayhigh65" Wrote:Its funny cos its true  Wink

Im far from racist, but even I said "Jesus christ, we must be the only english people in here!"  - almost everyone was Polish!

Not to worry though, they where buying grey tracksuits by the van load and arguing about sandals... I felt overdressed for such a shop and bought some sensible walking shoes (also Karrimor)

Going to order the jacket online later this evening.

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